A bit of a slow week

I didn’t get any work done on the memorial quilt or the #quiltsforvegas quilt {{{hangs head in shame}}}

I did however complete two commissioned table toppers…one for fall, one for Christmas…but I can’t show pictures yet because I just mailed them out yesterday and the recipient follows this blog :-p  I’ll definitely post pics next week!!

Outside of that, the only new information to share is I’ve rejoined Weight Watchers! I’ve packed on 25 pounds over the last year and I clearly need more accountability to help me eat better and exercise. WW has helped me in the past so I know it will help me again. Once I meet my goal I need to KEEP GOING to the meetings so I don’t slip backwards again, like I did this time. I know better so I need to do better!!

I’ve been listening to the audio book “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins and I love it!5sec

She makes so many good points – I’ve had many ‘ah-ha’ moments. This is my second time through and I’m hearing things I missed the first time…I’m going to listen to it over & over until I’m sure I’ve heard it all. I highly recommend the audio book because Mel reads it herself and she delivers it with wit & sarcasm that might be lost otherwise.

I woke up extra early this morning (5am!) to watch the Shanghai Final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal…it did not disappoint. Roger was on fire and Rafa just couldn’t get any traction. I’m going to need a nap today for sure!!

That’s all for now…have a great day!!


Distance vs Timed

I’m repeating week 4 of the C25K program because I was not able to complete all the run segments in days 1 & 2 but I thought I’d try something a little different.  I switched the app to calculate the segments based on Distance rather than the normal Timed segments.  Instead of running 3 mins, walking 1:30, run 5 mins, walk 2:30 and repeat – this morning it was run 1/4 mile, walk 1/8 mile, run 1/2 mile, walk 1/4 mile and repeat.  This made a big difference for me because in the timed segments I was not actually covering the same amount of distance so this morning I actually ran for longer intervals!  As you can see by my times below I started out pretty strong covering the first 1/4 mile in less than 3 mins and the first 1/2 in almost exactly 5 mins; looks like I need to pick up the pace on the walking intervals.  The second 1/4 mile was even faster than the first one but that last 1/2 mile was a bit of a bugger!  That doesn’t matter…I’m just glad I was able to complete all of the running segments!! Yay!!  I’ll continue on Tuesday with Day 2 and then I’m going to run a 5K Friday night (the Electric Run – sounds like so much fun) which will be my equivalent for Day 3.

7.20.13 c25k

A little off topic: I’ve started reading “Stop Saying You’re Fine” by Mel Robbins.  She says that our own brains sabotage our efforts to do better and be better and she has the answer to turn that around.  I’m in Chapter 5 (of 11) and I really like her style…she’s straight forward and tells it like it is.  So far she makes sense, I’ll keep you posted as I continue reading.

stop saying you're fine