Christmas Tree table runner done

Spoiler Alert: Lots of gratuitous pictures to follow!

I finished up my Christmas Tree table runner this evening and I LOVE IT! I finished one earlier this month for a friend in California but it was a little different. For hers, I followed a design I saw on Pinterest which used patchwork squares for the tree and candy cane striped fabric for sashing and binding. I decided I wanted something a little different so I drew my own paper pieced design for the tree and went to work.


As I’ve done in the past, I cut quite a few pieces incorrectly for the various sections…angles always throw me, LOL! I quickly learned that I needed to determine the correct size by placing the fabric over the next section before I cut it, that helped tremendously.

I also changed up some of the colors from the other runner, DH wanted more red in the top so I used a Christmas red for the sashing and binding. I also used red thread to quilt the swirl/circles on the trees…unfortunately it doesn’t really show up all that well – I don’t think it’s the right shade of red – but it’s done now!

Lastly, I used a decorative stitch to sew the binding on the back through the front and kept the white thread in the bobbin…I think it adds a nice touch to the back.

Without further ado…here are the pictures I took:


Paper piecing…who knew?

I’ve recently gotten into sewing and quilting and I’ve been trying to practice making various types of blocks. The hardest thing for me at this point is getting the seam allowance right and keeping the fabric square…ugh. I started searching YouTube for some help and saw some posts about paper piecing but I really didn’t understand what it was all about. I finally clicked on one of the ‘how-to’ videos and low & behold…the answer to my prayers!

I had no idea that’s what paper piecing was all about…I immediately had to try it to see if I could have success and YES it worked! I did both of these squares using paper piecing – I even created the paper outline myself!!

two blocks

I originally made a Dutchman’s Puzzle block earlier this month by cutting all the pieces to size then sewing them all together, it wasn’t a complete failure but it wasn’t quite a success either. The squares I made using paper piecing are SO much better – I just wish I had more of the pink fabric so I could make a whole new Dutchman’s Puzzle!!

In case you’re interested, here’s the link to the YouTube video I used to learn about paper piecing, it was made by Crafty Gemini.

Good Luck!