Busy, busy

I had a bit of unexpected travel last week which means I didn’t get as much sewing & quilting done as I had planned. A dear friend from Maryland lost her husband rather suddenly so I traveled to spend a few days with her during the services. I left on Thursday and got home yesterday [just in time for the Superbowl…too bad my team didn’t win but it was still a pretty good game to watch].

I did do a few things last week before my trip: I finished the top for the baby-size Scrap Attack 2018 January project. I pulled this from a tin where I have placed tiny sized Pinterest pictures of projects I plan to use my scraps to complete. This one was the “Mother’s Own” block – free from Fat Quarter Shop. A simple white border and now it’s ready to be basted & quilted – it measures 34×44.


Before I left I pulled my Scrap Attack 2018 project for February; this one is a picture of the finished quilt called Stoplight by Keepsake Quilting.


Before I left on my trip, I also laid out all the tshirts for the commission quilt and landed on this layout. I sent the pic to the customer and she was pleased, now I need to finish putting stabilizer on the shirts and start squaring up and sewing. I’ll need to add some sashing/filler for some of the pieces but overall it looks like it should fit together pretty well.

please excuse the doggie steps – I laid this out on my bedroom floor

That’s about all for now. I took off work today so I plan to get in my sewing room and make progress…ttfn!

Let’s try this again…

For some reason I’ve been having issues trying to load pictures up on WordPress so I just stopped trying for a while. I’m gonna try again today and see what happens…

Hmmm, well I had issues again when uploading pictures so I went to the WP forum for help (none of which I could understand!)…but then it magically started working…(((scratching head)))!

I quickly loaded up all my recent projects and here they are:

  1. I’ve been commissioned to make a Cat quilt…you may recall last year I made a dog quilt and a friend showed a picture of that to a co-worker and she asked if I could not only make her a dog quilt but could I make a cat quilt. I searched the webs for a pattern and came across Elizabeth Hartman’s The Kittens – ‘purrrfect’!!! This first picture is a ‘test’ I did with some scrap fabric – love it!!


The cat quilt will be for her MIL who has two rag-doll cats so she wanted me to try to make the cats with those colors and use jewel-tones for the background. I found this ruby-red fabric at Mary Jo’s and knew it would be a good contrast with all the tans & browns. I’ve made 7 cats so far (took this pic after making 5)…I need a total of 25.


2. We celebrated our 31st anniversary on Oct 21 with a nice dinner on the town with two friends who were visiting from Maryland.


3. I was itching for a finish so I went to my Pinterest and scrolled through the hundreds of quilts I’ve saved. I ended up choosing this simple yet interesting design. I opened up a FQ bundled of Cotton+Steel and went to town. Once again – fabric selection is everything and I think I got a little carried away…it looks a little ‘busy’ but there’s no going back now!! cottonsteel

I decided on a more calm backing!


Next up is another quick finish…again, I found it on Pinterest. It’s called 2,4,6 because of the size of the fabric cuts. This finished size is about 48″ square.rbwquilt

I completed the October block in the Sugar Block club BOM (top left) and put them all up on my design wall to start contemplating the final layout. Amy suggests something a bit more airy (with lots of negative space)…I may follow her guidance. 🙂


I’ve been seeing a lot of folks working on tiny houses the last few months so, of course, I had to give it a try! I got this Bonnie & Camille Handmade fabric in the October Sew Sampler box and thought it was perfect. I found the green floral for the border in my stash…now I just need to figure out how to quilt it…and then I have no idea what I’ll do with it. It could be a wall hanging as it measures 22×30…???


And last but not least is this 10 minute block quilt from last month. I don’t have any finished pictures because I was not really happy with how it turn out after I did the final quilting. I used a QAYG technique for each of these blocks and then sewed them together to finish the top. I added the backing and then did more quilting in the diamond squares on each block. Unfortunately I did not baste it correctly and there are fabric ripples on the back (ARGH!!!).


I decided I was not going to rip out all those feather stitches so I plowed ahead and put binding on it. I tossed it into my stack of finished quilts and forgot about it. My neighbor stopped by to give me the check from her co-worker for the Dog & Cat quilts and she saw it in the pile. She went ga-ga over it. She said it would be the perfect gift for her DIL because grey & yellow are her colors. I told her I was not happy with the finished product but she was adamant about buying it!! Wow, ya just never know!! I gave her a discounted price…

OK, this post is getting pretty long so I’ll just add one more thing…

Another neighbor contacted me to ask how many quilts I have ‘ready for sale’ so I counted them…17! Most are baby/child size but I have a few that are lap size and one twin size. She’s going to be hosting an ‘artisan party’ at her house in early December and invited me to show my stuff!! WOW!! Now I’m thinking about making some smaller table top/table runner items for the show…squeeee…this should be fun!



This was a good week for me for a couple of reasons…I got back on the running wagon and I had a quilty finish – double yay!

My quilty finish was a pattern I’ve been ogling on Pinterest for many months. It’s a pretty easy & straight forward pattern using HST but I just hadn’t pulled the trigger, until this week. I’ve been working on a really large memory quilt and needed a little break so I pulled a bunch of FQs and some tone-on-tone white and got to work.

Here’s a shot of the completed top and then a collage of the finish:

Oversized Star topOversized Star

I used just about every piece of those fat quarters between the top and the backing and had to pull one more FQ for the binding.

I went back to work on the memory quilt last night, piecing together the left over pieces of shirt for the backing…now I need to get to the fabric store for 2 yards to finish it….oh, poor me, I have to go to the fabric store 😉


On the running front, I met my running buddies yesterday morning and although I was only planning on 4 miles, they had planned 5. Being the ‘follower’ that I am, of course I did 5 miles too!

I picked them up around 8:30 am and we headed for a park about 20 mins away. This park has a really nice running loop that’s just over 1 mile. It also has soccer and baseball fields which provide a nice distraction…not to mention all the doggies out walking their owners.

I held up pretty good through 4 miles but my legs were starting to get tired…I plowed on anyway. Just as we finished it started to shower, nothing big but we hopped in the car just in case it started to pour down…it never did.

I wore my Garmin watch along with using the C25k app for intervals…I’m pretty happy with my time, especially since this was supposed to be a ‘slow run’ day.

3.26.16 garmin

3.26.16 rd

I’m off to my sewing room…I’m itching to start something new 😀



Label finish

I spent a little while on Pinterest today trying to figure out what kind of label I wanted to put on my HST Sampler quilt and finally decided to go with this one.

I used Microsoft Word to create the layout for my label and choose my font. I wanted to commemorate the QAL so I didn’t give my quilt a name like I have in past; rather I put down the name of the QAL and who led it.

I used a leftover 10″ block from the Micheal Miller Happy Dots layer cake, it was the lightest color I had but I feared it was still too saturated to print on so I flipped it over and used the ‘wrong side’ instead. After printing, I trimmed down the label then bordered it with leftover binding fabric and used more of that fabric for the backing on the label. [One footnote for next time: use Bold font for all characters so it’s easier to read]

Once the label was completed, I hand-stitched it to the back of my quilt…my hand-stitching still leaves a lot to be desired but I don’t think the label is going anywhere, LOL!


If you look really closely at the binding you can see I used a decorative stitch – it’s loopy circles which I hoped would play nice with all the dots on the back & the front.IMG_2946

I’m going to keep this on my bed for the next couple of days, until I decide if it’s a keeper or going up for sale. Now that this is completely done, I can confidently move on to my next project…yippee!

ttfn and…G’night!