Not much progress

Unfortunately the procrastination bug has bit me and I haven’t made much progress on quilting the Double Wedding Ring quilt. I finished 4 more circles last week when I had ample time to finish the whole thing :-/ I think I’m dragging my feet because I’ve started to worry about how difficult it’s going to be to put the binding on!! LOL, how silly is that!?! She still sits on my dining room table so it’s definitely not ‘out of sight, out of mind’!


I’m still pondering about retirement too, I’ve done so many Google searches that I’m now getting Ads about retirement showing up in my feeds – hahaha! Here’s a short list of things that have caught my interest so far:

Join a quilt guild
Join a book club
Join a walking group
Visit National Parks (lifetime senior pass)
Learn a new hobby
Start swimming for exercise
Travel with hubby
Travel with girlfriends

I’m sure more will be added as I continue to research. I’d like to make a decision on a retirement date over the next few months…January 1st sounds good, doesn’t it?


I’m still hoovering around 8lbs lost on WW… I have a few good days, then I make poor food choices for a few days and I’m right back where I was at the beginning of the week – grrrrr! I’m not sure if this will get easier or harder in retirement!??


That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend and enjoy celebrating!!

Memory quilt completed

After weeks of procrastination – I finally, FINALLY completed the memory quilt. Last Sunday I hunkered down and did the quilting and binding. None of it was hard, I just kept putting it off. This is a reinforcement that I need to STOP taking jobs for these kinds of quilts.

I’m still trying to figure out the best place here at the new house to take quilt pictures…


DH will be traveling back to the other house next weekend so he’ll take this back with him and meet up with the customer.

A few weeks ago I dropped a plate on the kitchen floor…it was a heavy Pfaltzgraff plate from a set I bought new for the house. It not only shattered but it chipped the side of one of the floor tiles UGH! Every time I walked into the kitchen I could see the dark brown spot where it was chipped so I decided I would get some fingernail polish at the Dollar Tree and see if I could make it blend in.


Other folks would’ve taken a ‘before’ picture but I was so excited to try this out I completely forgot!! Here are a few shots of ‘after’:

This first one from standing height, I’ve circled where the chip was


This second one is an extreme closeup


Yay! It worked!! I don’t even think about that darn chip anymore 🙂 And if any of the polish wears off over time I have plenty left to do another patch up.


After living here for a few months you’d think we would’ve walked the beach many many times by now… but no. We’ve eaten at waterfront restaurants but until last week we had not gotten our feet into the sand and into the ocean. Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long for it to happen again, LOL


We do not like to swim in the ocean so we spent the next day at our community pool. Most days there are no more than 5 people there 🙂



I dropped 1.4 at WW at this weeks’ weigh in 🙂 My running total so far is 9.4…I can definitely feel a difference in my clothes. The waist band on my pants isn’t choking me and my underarms aren’t getting pinched by my shirts :-p  I’m not having any issues following the points plan and I’m definitely eating a lot more fruits & veggies.


Today is the last day of the estate sale at our other house. I’m hoping most everything sells but DH will see for himself what’s left when he goes up next weekend. The estate sale company said they have dealers who may come and buy what’s left for a ‘lot’ price, that would be fine too.


That’s all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!

Procrastination and a new project

When the procrastination monster strikes I usually start a new project…hahaha, somehow that makes perfect sense in my head!

I should be basting and quilting the commissioned memorial quilt but instead I just ‘had to’ start making a quilt I’ve been seeing on IG. It’s a pattern called Meadowland from Then Came Jane and there’s a hashtag on IG where it seems everyone is making it!!

I pulled some FQs I’ve been hoarding called Fleet and Flourish by Maureen Cracknell and finally gave in to the monster! I started cutting and piecing the blocks on Thursday…


The first block I made had a few mistakes – oy! As I was making the flying geese using the ‘No waste’ method in the pattern, I was so focused on getting everything lined up that I didn’t even notice I had the fabric turned the wrong way!!! Ugh!

img_20190705_110742 img_20190705_110806

Front side of the block                                          Back side of the block

It wasn’t until I started piecing the flying geese into the block that I noticed my mistake. It was too late to turn back at that point so I just decided to ‘go with it’! My next mistake was not reading the pressing instructions…now I have a few significant bumps where the pieces intersect. This one I could fix but I think I’m just going to call this block my ‘tester’ and move on! I actually have 13 blocks cut and the size I’m making only needs 12…so unless I make more mistakes I’ll have one extra anyway 😉

Here are the 7 blocks I have finished so far… the pics are a little over-exposed because I keep taking these at night using the ‘brightner’ on my phone.


Once I get the rest made I’ll need to turn my focus to the commission quilt… it’s so frustrating when I do these things!!


Update on my WW journey: I’m down 1.0 this week – YAY! Progress is good and I still feel like I can have pretty much anything I want but now I decide whether ‘spending’ the points on it is really worth it 😉


No updates on our other house, things are still moving forward with the estate sale and the sale of the house. Keep the good vibes coming ❤


Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂


Still procrastinating

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m still procrastinating on that commissioned t-shirt quilt. Needless to say I won’t be taking on another one of these any time soon. I’m seriously burnt out on this type of project 😦

Over the past two weeks, I did actually finish re-working the top by pulling out one of the sections and moving it to the back…and last weekend DH helped me get the monster basted but… since then it’s been hanging over the ironing board in my sewing room untouched. Even though I’ve put it on my To-do list every day for the last week, I’ve just ‘ignored’ it 😦 Grrrr, I can be so frustrating – LOL!

We are still planning our move to Myrtle Beach and have F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. picked a date – Feb 9th – so I’ve REALLY got to get a move on this quilt if I have any hope of finishing it before I have to pack up my sewing room – YIKES!

Speaking of moving – I’ve contacted Penske to get a quote for the truck rental, I’ve contacted a local moving/hauling company to get a quote for the manpower to load said truck. Once we make the reservation for the loading they’ll work with their franchise in Myrtle Beach to reserve manpower on the other end to unload said truck. It’s all starting to come together and we’ll be in serious packing mode very soon.

That’s about all for now…if you have any spare motivation, send it my way so I can get that quilt done!

ttfn 😉


Procrastination sucks!

I haven’t been as productive as I would’ve liked but hey I’m the only one preventing that! Ugh, I’ve got a bad case of ‘procrastination’ and I can’t seem to shake it. I’ve had ample opportunity this week to sew but instead I’ve planted my arse on the couch watching TV and surfing my phone – argh!!! WTH?

I did get a few things accomplished before being a couch potato took over…

I’m up to 18 Stoplight blocks for my Scrapattack2018 February challenge…these come together really quickly once all the pieces are cut. I planned to cut a bunch more this week…but ahem…I didn’t 😦  I want to make a throw size quilt so I need 52 more 😮  Geez, how long will it take ME to complete that!??


I also wanted to make a bowl cozie for me to keep…and I finally did!! I’ve been hoarding these FQ fabrics for a couple of years waiting for the right project and finally I used them! I’ve used this cozie many times already 😀


Lastly, I started piecing the t-shirts for the commission quilt…I really, REALLY should be done with this already…argh!


OK, I’ll stop beating myself up now…I can only hope next week will be better 😉


What was I so worried about?

All that worry and procrastination for no good reason…I’ve been putting off W5D3 because of the ‘long’ run and I got out there this morning and did it without any real problems…CRAZY, I know!!

I was up at 5am as expected to take my friend to the airport and the whole time I was secretly worrying about doing the run this morning.  When I got home I stalled a little bit having another cup of coffee but then I told myself to just get out the door and if I couldn’t do the whole 20 min run that it would be OK, I just couldn’t live with regretting one more day of not running.

I started with the 5 min warmup and then began running when ‘she’ instructed.  I had already mapped out my route so I had an idea where the halfway mark would be, I also have the app set to give me updates every 5 mins so that helped me gauge how far along I was as well.  When ‘she’ announced I was halfway I was pretty surprised because I didn’t feel tired and I had expected that I was going to run out of gas quickly because I hadn’t run in over a week.  I got a little surge of adrenaline from that and continued on knowing now that I should have no problem finishing the whole run.  At about the 19 min mark I started feeling tired but nothing that would keep me from finishing – this is the first time that I felt I could continue running when ‘she’ announced it was time for the cool down – WOW!

So back to my opening statement “All that worry and procrastination for no good reason”!!  That should teach me a lesson!

And not a bad pace either...under 12:00,  which is really good for me!!
And not a bad pace either…under 12:00,
which is really good for me!!