Gemstones completed!

Just a heads up…since I buy so much from Amazon I figured it was about time I became an affiliate. So from now on, any Amazon link in my blog will be an affiliate link. It won’t cost you extra in any way if you decide to make a purchase but I’ll get a little spiff in return.


Last week I posted about basting the Gemstones quilt and I ‘thought about’ quilting it all week but I finally got it done yesterday!! Yay!! I struggled with how to quilt it for the whole week and finally landed on an all-over loopy meander. I haven’t done that design in quite a long time so I worried it wouldn’t look good but I fell into a rhythm very quickly and got it done in no time. I also went into my thread stash and pulled out a lovely shade of purple (Aurifil 1243) to use on the top. It blends well will all the colors. I used a basic tan shade in the bobbin to match the backing fabric.

I auditioned several fabrics for the binding and chose a solid purple – I must have been in a purple mood yesterday LOL. I finished it up late last night so no outdoor pictures.

I’ve been working on a different project on & off. I stumbled across an older video from MSQ a few weeks ago for a quilt-as-you-go project and wanted to give it a shot. Their video was for hexagons which required a template but after searching for the original pattern I found they had a tutorial for squares, so I pulled some fabrics and got started. It’s relatively easy but can be a little fiddly so I’m only making a few blocks at a time. It’s basically like making a bunch of 5″ quilts, once I have them all done I’ll zigzag stitch them together and voila’!

I received my fabric order from, I think the floral I chose for my Gather Ye Rosebuds top looks great with it! Now let’s see how long it takes to get it basted 😉


In other news, Sammie had a few issues the last time I took her to get groomed so I figured it was about time I try to groom her myself! I bought a trimmer (not made for pets) and it did just ok, of course! It’s not made for pets so I returned it. I decided I should invest in a set that are made for pets so I ordered these Wahl clippers from Amazon.

They’re supposed to arrive later today, I’ll keep you posted on how well they work 😉


That’s about all for now, have a great rest of your weekend

Woohoo, one down

I hunkered down and finished the QAYG pillow cover this morning…(ahem, when I should’ve been out doing my long run).

I had recorded the Women’s Final for the Australian Open (cuz it was on here at 3am) and decided I’d watch that and let the temps warm up a little bit – I plan to do my 9 miles after lunch.

If you haven’t seen the outcome of the Women’s Final yet…***spoiler alert***…don’t read any further.




Unfortunately, Serena did not win…she looked shaky from the start – I had a bad feeling when she couldn’t even bounce the ball before her first serve…oh well, there’s always the next one Serena!

Now back to the pillow cover – I started this last weekend during bad weather and put the binding on it this morning. I followed Maureen Cracknell’s Crafsty class for Quilt As You Go and I really, really like this method. I’ll be using it again for sure – hopefully to make a bed size quilt for my niece.


One more…

I can’t believe I found another project I started last weekend…it’s a QAYG Pillow cover. I bought the QAYG class on Craftsy by Maureen Cracknell and just had to give it a whirl.

I pulled out my green scraps and found just enough to make 4 sections…unfortunately it ended up a little wonky on one side (conveniently cropped out of the picture) so I’ll have to trim it down but it should still fit the pillow form.

I just need to whip up the back, sew it together and put on binding…and viola, it will be done. Yeah, I wonder when I’ll get back to that!?

qayg pillow 2

I do have to say that I thought the joins would be more bulky than they are – I think that’s what made me shy away from this technique for so long. Not any more, I’ve got a large blanket I’ve been putting off that would work great with this method…Oh No, I can see another project starting in my future…

Someone please stop me!!!