Woven Star

I missed posting last week because there really wasn’t much to share. I haven’t been spending much time in my sewing room but I have made a little progress on the Woven Star quilt from Debby Brown’s Color Blocks challenge from November.

I decided I didn’t want to do all the sashing strips recommended in the pattern so my quilt will be smaller

Here’s a progress shot, I still need to piece all the blocks together…then I’ll decide if I want to add borders

As for the weight loss qal, I’ve still been keeping track of the blocks but I haven’t made any progress losing weight! LOL Ugh… the struggle bus is real ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


I’m getting out of the house today to go to lunch and a show with some of the ladies in my neighborhood. I usually shy away from these things because I feel so awkward in big groups but I’m pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone. We’re going to see “Menopause the Musical”… Ha, I’m sure I’ll be able to relate LOL


I’ve been staying up late and getting up early to watch the Australian Open. Luckily when I got my new Pixel 6 I had to upgrade to a new Unlimited plan that happened to come with Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu so I’m able to watch all of the matches on ESPN streaming once they stop covering it on their regular cable channels. I’ve really been enjoying the Ladies matches this year, the matches have been very competitive.

And as far as football, I’m really happy with the teams that won yesterday! I wanted the underdog Bengals to win (I really like Burrow) and I’m ecstatic that Rodgers & the Packers have been knocked out. Today I’ve got my fingers crossed for Tampa Bay and Buffalo.


Oh and I almost forgot – I formally turned in my notice to retire this year!!! My last day will be April 1st, no joke!!! It’s so exciting but also frightening…wish me luck :-p


That’s all for now, have a great rest of your weekend!

A little here, a little there

I’m slowly inching my way back into spending more time in my sewing room. I used to call it ‘my happy place’ and it’s starting to feel like that again – of course it’s still very empty without my trusty companion laying at the door but I can’t change that so I must accept it.

I’ve been keeping up with the โ€œWeight Lossโ€ qal hosted by Kirsten ofย Sew Fabric Love although no weight has been lost at this point – ugh! My goals are to drink at least 64oz water daily and to walk daily. I’m hoping I start seeing some green squares soon!!

I chose a striped fabric in my stash to use for binding the Christmas panel quilt. Now that this is done I’ll pack it up with the remaining completed projects and mail them back to my friend โค

I wanted a canvas print of my baby to hang in my office so I went online last week and ordered it. I had never done this before so I wasn’t sure exactly what size to get, I went with 24×18. I used easycanvasprints.com and they live up to their name! I think I may have zoomed in a bit too much on the original picture because her head in this print is almost as big as mine LOL!!!! I still love it… and when I’m ready I’ll try again ๐Ÿ™‚

A few other odds and ends… I started cutting 2.5″ squares for my next Color Blocks quilt. I’m making the November pattern called Woven Star. Debby Brown has added a new 2022 *free* course for more color block quilt patterns to help us use up our scraps. She issues one pattern a month and even provides suggestions for quilting. It was fun to follow along last year so I signed up again.

Lastly, I finally closed up the fabric ‘trash bag’ I’ve been filling up for over two years (it’s the floral print). I still have the one I closed up a few years ago so now I have two I need to take to the animal shelter.

That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend.

Finished quilts of 2021

Two posts in one day? I figured if I didn’t post this now I never would…so here goes!


Wow, such a slow year of quilting for me… if it wasn’t for Debby Brown’s QAL I might not have finished anything ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I kept up with the monthly patterns until June and then I made the Sept pattern.

I also spent time working on these quilts and double oven mitt I finished for a friend whose mother has stopped sewing

And I did finish a few other small projects…

All in all, not a very productive year by my standards ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Here’s to hoping 2022 will be much better โค

This and that…

Couldn’t get much sew-jo going this week so I decided I needed to make sausage balls, for the first time… oooof! I googled recipes and chose the most popular one – it only had 3 ingredients! After buying the ingredients: a block of cheddar cheese, a pound of Jimmy Dean sausage and Bisquick I realized I did not have a cheese grater! So I pulled out my food processor that has a grating blade and gave that a whirl.

Unfortunately that did not work very well, unless the cheese was extremely cold it kept getting stuck on the blade and would not grate. After half the block was shredded I gave up – in hindsight that meant I only had half the amount of cheese the recipe called for…ooof!

I dumped the cheese in a bowl with two cups of Bisquick and a pound of sausage and used my hands to get it all combined. At this point I knew it was dry but I pushed forward making 30 sausage balls. I baked them for 30 minutes at 350ยฐ and here’s what they look like fresh out of the oven.

Not bad right? Unfortunately they turned out dry and dense and after trying a few they went in the trash ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


We spent New Years Eve on the couch changing channels between all of the New Year’s Eve shows and watching college football Bowl games. We managed to stay up until midnight but we didn’t even bother to open the bottle of Asti Spumante… we were too tired at that point! We kissed, we hugged and we went to bed hoping and praying 2022 will be a much better year!!!


I decided to join Karen Brown’s “Declutter 2022” challenge which should help me clean up my sewing room and get things organized. I’m hoping this will reignite my desire to spend hours in my sewing room again…ever since we lost Sammie I just can’t seem to spend more than 5 minutes in there ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Amazingly, I have kept up with the “Weight Loss” qal hosted by Kirsten of Sew Fabric Love but so far no weight has been lost – eeek!! If nothing else I will hopefully form new habits for drinking lots of water and walking everyday ๐Ÿ˜‰

And last night I finally forced myself to sit down and quilt the panel that has been basted for weeks. This is the last item I was sent to finish for my friend whose mother has stopped sewing & quilting. I agonized for weeks about how to quilt this and after getting some feedback I went with vertical lines of snowflakes. I’m SOOO glad this is done and I’m happy with how it came out. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to use for binding…oh no, more decisions! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

That’s about all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!

Quiet Christmas

Not much to report from here… we watched our annual Christmas eve movie “Die Hard” then went to bed. We had a quiet Christmas opening our gifts and called family & friends to check in.

Below is Campbell’s first *positive* experience with Santa…look at that smile!!! โค

I’ve taken to feeding the wildlife… here are three squirrels enjoying their feast, LOL

I have one more quilt to finish for my friend and I’m absolutely stumped how to quilt it. This is a panel printed with quilt blocks… I was going to quilt vertical lines with snow flakes alternating each line in green & red thread but now I’m not sure. Then I thought about ‘stitch in the ditch’ of all those printed blocks but I’m a minimal quilter and that feels like a lot :-p … help??? All ideas are welcome ๐Ÿ˜€

That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!


Although it’s only been 7 days since we said goodbye to our sweet little Sammie girl it feels like it’s been a month without her. I just don’t know what to do with myself. From the moment I wake up I’ve always thought about what she needs – go outside, something to eat, clean water, snuggles and love. Now when I wake up I don’t have anyone else to think about ๐Ÿ˜ฆ When we’d leave for any reason I always had a time clock ticking in the back of my mind so I didn’t leave her home alone for too long…now, that doesn’t matter anymore.

I’ve been going for a walk every day to clear my head and get some exercise and honestly just to get out of the house for a little while. She is still everywhere I look, she had so many favorite spots to lay depending on what room I was in – yes, she was my shadow. And she is back in the house now, so to speak. The vet called Thursday to let us know they had her ashes and we picked them up on Friday. She now sits on the table in our entry way. The paw print is a little smudged but that’s definitely hers because she always had so much fur between her pads โค I also plan to get a photo of her printed on canvas to hang in my office.


As you might imagine, I haven’t been doing much sewing. I walk into my sewing room, look at projects I could work on but then I just lose interest, I’m sure it will come back. I did start a project right before we lost Sammie, a weight loss QAL with Kirsten of Sew Fabric Love. Amazingly I’ve kept up with it so far

That’s about all for now…have a great rest of your weekend.

I’ve got the blahs

I didn’t do any sewing this past week, waaah ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I thought about it a lot but nothing happened! I did get a lot of shipments in this week and a couple were fabric, so there’s that LOL

The first shipment came from Tierneycreate’s newly rebranded/reopened Etsy shop “TextilesandSmiles“. She had posted a combination of jelly roll fabric and a book with jelly roll patterns and I scooped it right up! It arrived extremely fast and she included a beautiful handmade wallet as a gift ๐Ÿ™‚

The next delivery came from Missouri Star, I jumped on one of their Black Friday sales for this beautiful fat quarter bundle called Sunlit Blooms from Maywood Studio. OMG! I just realized this is the same fabric designer as the jelly roll I got from Tierney!!! What are the chances of THAT coincidence??!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

The last few photos are from Winter Wonderland at the Beach, a holiday lights walking tour we took on Thursday. The weather was perfect for it, around 55 degrees. Just chilly enough to bundle up a little but still comfortable enough to take our time ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!

Another Color Blocks quilt!

This week I finished the September pattern called “Gather Ye Rosebuds”. I got it basted last weekend and I did the quilting in the flower buds and leaves. That left the background which needed a meander. I worked through that on Friday and by the end of the evening I had the binding on ๐Ÿ˜€

These pictures were taken at night so the colors are a little off… the binding is not as dark as it seems and the backing fabric is not as ‘peachy’ as it seems. I’m really happy with this final result and I’m sure it will be loved when it finds it’s new home.


We went out for Thanksgiving dinner this year – we had gone to Carolina Roadhouse a few years back and enjoyed the food so we did it again. They work strictly by reservation and it is a plated meal, not a buffet. We got the full plate below plus a basket of mini corn muffins. For dessert, our choice of Pumpkin or Pecan pie. We went with the same friends we share most holidays with here in Myrtle Beach. I was so stuffed at the end of the meal!!!


I got my Moderna booster last Monday and all went well. Other than a sore arm for a couple of days, I had no adverse reaction. Of course now the new Omicron variant is looming…uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, I really want this all to be over!!!


On a brighter note (pun intended), we got our Christmas tree up and decorated last week!

Lights off….. Lights on


That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!

Basting and quilting

Yesterday I finished basting the “Gather Ye Rosebuds” quilt and started quilting on it. I decided to follow Debby’s suggested quilting motif and had to re-watch her videos to refresh my memory. The Color Blocks QAL (which is free!) has been so much fun and now I have all the patterns, tips and instructional videos to use forever!

I finished the specific quilting in the flower buds and leaves all that’s left is the meander in the rest of the background. I’m using three different threads on top: a variegated pink in the bud, a medium gray in the leaves and although Dove Grey is show in this picture I’ve decided to use white in the background.


We pulled out our Christmas tree yesterday and got it assembled last night, now I’ll take my time this week decorating it. The weather has turned chilly here so I think I might be getting into the holiday spirit (only 39 this morning but should reach 69 later today ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Hopefully I’ll have pictures to share next week!


In other news, on Friday the CDC approved all adults 18+ can now get the covid booster shot so I logged on yesterday and made my appt for Monday @ CVS. Hubby got his a few weeks ago and unfortunately decided to get his Flu shot at the same time – let’s just say I won’t be doing the same thing! He felt like crap for 2 days afterward and we honestly think it was the Flu shot or the combination of both at the same time that caused it because he had zero reaction after the first two Moderna shots earlier this year.


I broke down and bought Sammie a few shirts from Amazon… the one I made for her worked ok but it really didn’t fit her well and I had to adjust it every time she moved ๐Ÿ˜‰

(affiliate link)

These worked so well I bought a second set in green :-p She usually hates wearing clothes but these are light weight t-shirts and she doesn’t seem to mind. Of course the colder weather probably helps!


Our fall turkeys are back! Several days last week they were wandering just outside our fence. Of course, as soon I let Sammie out they scattered!

That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!

Works in progress

I haven’t started any new quilting projects lately which is odd for me. I usually get a serious case of ‘start-itis’ when I’m nearing the end of a quilt but that feeling has not surfaced. Last week I missed posting about finishing another quilt for my friend whose mother had stopped quilting but had several completed tops that needed to be basted & quilted.

This top was a nine patch cross (not sure that’s the official name but that’s what I’ve come up with!). Most of the fabrics have a vintage feel to me so I used the fabric she had sent along that was intended to be used for the back of the double wedding ring quilt but it was just short of the yardage needed. It’s a cream on cream print and it was the perfect host for the row of blocks I removed from the length of the top.

I used a loopy meander for quilting and if you look in the bottom left corner you’ll see I quilted a heart in one of the squares. I ‘borrowed’ this idea from Sarah of Confessions of Fabric Addict – she once shared she likes to hide a heart in the quilting and I thought that was such a great idea that I’ve been doing it ever since ๐Ÿ˜‰


One of the other big things that happened was my girlfriend Mary and I visited the Downton Abbey exhibit in Atlanta. We left on Sunday and came back on Tuesday, it was a short trip but we thoroughly enjoyed being on our own without our other halves, LOL! The exhibit was such a sweet walk down memory lane with all the characters, and the rooms they had setup made us feel like we were actually on set! I took some pictures but these are just a fraction of the exhibit it they really do not do it justice. It took us two hours to walk through and honestly I could’ve spent more time just reading all the details and exploring the rooms more. I would highly recommend this if you are near the Atlanta area.


Yesterday I pulled out the top for the September Color Blocks qal “Gather Ye Rosebuds” and decided to get it basted. I already had the backing fabric purchased, I just needed to piece it together. I got that done and laid it all across my ironing board to start basting… but then I stopped and there it still sits.

Oh, one other thing I ‘made’ was a t-shirt for Sammie. She’s got a spot on her side that she wants to keep scratching and I needed to cover it up. I tried using a male doggie diaper but it kept moving and the spot was exposed…so I pulled out one of my old t-shirts and altered it to fit her LOL! It’s not great but it is definitely serving the purpose. I’ve since shortened the sleeves because she kept tripping over them. Poor baby! She hates wearing shirts but this one is necessary, hopefully it’s short lived.

That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!