Back on schedule

I’m back on my schedule doing C25K; I like to run Tues, Thur, Sat.  Today was Week 5 Day 1: three 5 minute run intervals spaced by two 3 minute walk intervals.  My last run was the Electric Run 5K on Friday night so it had actually been three days since I last ran.  I was a little worried that I would have a difficult time but I was pleasantly surprised.  The temps were in the low 70’s this morning with a slight breeze which made it so much better for running.  My first 5 min run was not bad I deliberately tried to pace myself.  The second 5 min run felt really good…but that last one always gets me.  I finished it but as you can see by the distance (785 yds) I was considerably slower than the first or second interval.  I still felt pretty good when I finished which is much better than Week 4 when I thought I was going to give up on the last run interval each time.  It proves that I’m getting better – dare I say more fit – so I’m happy.

7.30.13 c25k

I still haven’t seen any change on the scale which is a little frustrating.  I would think it would’ve moved a little bit…grrr.  I guess I’m going to have to really buckle down on my eating although there isn’t too much room for improvement.  I’m already staying around 1200 calories a day – I really don’t want to drop much lower than that.  I’ll just give it a little more time and see what happens.  Till next time…