Smaller finishes

Since I finished three quilts in the last few weeks I decided I’d work on some smaller projects…and how cute are these Elephant Plushies (free pattern alert!) I had some fun fabric and extra polyfil laying in the corner so it all just happened!


I made the big blue one first and then made a baby…


Then I added another baby…img_20180714_143004.jpg

I’ve made two more big ones to send off to my sweet great niece – her room is decorated in pink & gray and I used some of these same fabrics to make a quilt for her crib last year.

Campbells elephant plushies

Next up I’m going to make a golf seat cover for my friend in Myrtle Beach – we’ll be going down next weekend so I’d like to take it with us.

That’s about all for this week…Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂


More progress

I put the finishing touches on the Monochromatic Granny Square quilt this week. I had forgotten how much I loved this design! I will admit there are a few issues with my piecing on this as it was done during my early days as a quilter…I sure have learned a lot! The black fabric on the border is one of my favorites and I used it for the back as well.

b&w done

The lighting in the next picture is pretty bad…but I’ve done something about that which I talk about below.


Up close…


So excited I finished quilting the tshirt/memories quilt. I pulled a few fabrics to audition for binding and sent pictures to the client. She wasn’t too thrilled with either and reminded me her daughter’s favorite color (right now anyway!) is Mint green. I checked my stash and nope, nothing in mint green…


So it was off to the fabric store! She apologized for making me have to run out for more fabric…after I stopped laughing, I told her it would NEVER be a problem for me to run to the fabric store 😉  Once I was there, I headed to the green section and got a little concerned because there just wasn’t anything in a mint shade – but I kept browsing and finally found a gorgeous mint dot…


I’ll be finishing this up today because I just got another t-shirt quilt job! I’ve been posting progress pictures of this quilt and one of my neighbor’s messaged me about pricing. She has baby/child clothes she wants made into a ‘sofa size’ quilt (that’s what I call a 60×70 quilt), larger than a lap but not quite twin. That size appears to be my sweet spot, lol. She’s running the clothes through the wash since they’ve been in storage for so long and I asked her to use no fabric softeners or dryer sheets as that can interfere with bonding to the stabilizer.

I signed up for some more charity sewing with the Busy Bag Sew Along. It’s not too late to join in, here’s a excerpt from the website:

During the entire month of May, we will partner with Sadie’s Dream to sew Busy Bags (simple tote bags) that will be filled with crayons and art supplies and small toys for children with life threatening illnesses.  Sadie’s Dream is an incredible organization, founded by Jessica and her mother, in honor of Jessica’s beautiful child named Sadie, who was diagnosed with cancer at 6 months of age.

How could I resist! I’ve signed up to make 2 bags, I’ve got the fabric all picked out for the first bag and the free labels I ordered on their website arrived in the mail yesterday. I spent last evening cutting out all the pieces and attaching the fusible fleece. I hope to finish the first bag today. The instructions don’t have the pieces organized by letter but I added them so I could keep it all straight in my head…and my Alphabitties work perfectly!


I mentioned lighting earlier – I was rather frustrated with the light in my sewing room so I went searching for options. A friend had mentioned they switched all of their bulbs to LED and they’re really happy with them AND they last a really long time. So, as I usually do, I went to Amazon and started searching. I found LED bulbs that offer “Daylight” instead of soft white and I was curious if that would be the answer. Now, LED bulbs are pretty expensive – I guess since they last up to 10 years they’re worth it, but it’s still kind of sticker shock when you first see it.

I finally decided to jump in and buy the Philips 462036 100W Equivalent Daylight A19 LED Light Bulb, 6-Pack (this is not an affiliate link although I should become one since I always talk about Amazon :-p )


They look like a regular incandescent bulb and I like that they fit into a regular socket and lamp shade (those swirly halogen bulbs don’t). I went with Daylight equivalent to 100W. When they came in I replaced all the bulbs in my sewing room and WOW-WEE what a difference!! The lighting actually looks like Daylight! I’ve already taken a few pictures (the Busy Bag pieces above was the first one) and without using any photo editing features on my phone the picture looks great!


In other news: I actually went for a run yesterday…I won’t repeat all the details since I already posted about it here.


That’s all from here…ttfn


Charleston and more

I knew I was going to have a short week sewing wise because we were going to Charleston for a Corvette show. Hubby has attended “Vettes Doin Charleston” for 8 of the 10 years they’ve been doing it so we just had to go this year for the 10th anniversary.

First up, here’s the sewing I got done this week:

I finished the quilting on my friends quilt and she picked it up before we went out of town. She’s going to finish it using some of the left over black strips from making the top. I really like how this turned out and it will be a perfect gift for her grandson graduating college next month.


I finally got around to making the other bonus block in The Honey Pot Bee, it’s called Sew Royal. It was really simple to make and it’s so cute!


And here’s a group shot of all my blocks so far…I just love using Blueberry Park for this SAL, can’t wait to put it all together at the end of the year!hpb

And lastly, I pulled out the tub of t-shirts for a new commissioned memory quilt for a little girl turning 10 in September and started de-construction. This is an in-progress shot I took and sent to her Mother to let her know I started, I’ve got all the shirts cut up and have started adding stabilizer to some…


Here’s the prototype from Pinterest we agreed upon for the layout


We packed up both cars Wednesday night and headed to Charleston on Thursday – yes we had to take 2 cars because there is just no packing space in a convertible! Luckily it’s only a 3 hours drive so it wasn’t bad at all, and I had to drop my fur baby off with friends so having two cars was convenient.

I’m embarrassed to admit I was extremely bad at taking pictures this weekend!! I don’t know what happened, I usually have my phone out all the time but not this time – eek! I did take a few pictures Thursday and Friday but seriously, I didn’t take one single photo of the car show, smh!

Here we are with the Charleston bridge in the background


And here’s a selfie I took later at happy hourselfie

And I snapped this classic picture Friday night at the pre-show dinner with the hosting club.


But after that – nothing, nadda, no pictures! The good news is Hubby won Best in Class with his 2016 Z06 and he also won People’s Choice in his class!! Here’s a picture of his car I took last summer…


The only other update is they finally started working on clearing our lot in Myrtle Beach – our friends who live in the same community sent me this picture on Friday. Whoop, whoop – they should be starting the house any time now…



No running at all this week, but I did register 12,167 steps walking around at the car show yesterday!


That’s about all from here…what’s going on in your world?


Cotton + Steel finish

I finished quilting and binding my Cotton + Steel quilt and got outside to get some pictures.

I purchased a FQ bundle of random C+S prints a few months back when Craftsy had an incredible sale and decided to pull 12 of them to make this quilt. After getting it all pieced it looked pretty busy so I chose organic wavy lines for the quilting. I’m really pleased with the final outcome 🙂


I mentioned in a previous post that a neighbor was going to be hosting an artisan party in December and I finally got some specifics



Of course I wanted to have a few more throw size quilts so I’ve started yet another project. I need backing fabric for my Halloween quilt and I found the perfect candy corn print at Connecting Threads – while browsing their sale items I came across a FQ bundle called Acorn Park and scooped it up – the colors are absolutely saturated and gorgeous! The order arrived on Saturday and by Sunday evening I had this top finished (free pattern from called Fat Eighth Frenzy)


And finally I had an old work friend reach out to me about a quilt I made earlier this year and posted on FB – he asked if I could make another one for him to give as a Christmas present. He said he had no idea if there was even enough time but wanted to ask. He was referring to this table topper I made back in May


I explained this was not a quilt rather a table topper and although I could scale this up to a throw size, I doubted I could get it done in time for a Christmas gift. He asked if I could make another one the same size and I said Yes…so he ordered one! I hope to have it done this weekend because I have to travel for work almost all next week which will put a serious cramp in my sewing & quilting time 😦

I’ll post more pics as I finish…ttfn…


Another month flies by

I’ve been so busy with my day job that I can only squeeze in a little bit of sewing in the evenings and on weekends and I’ve just been too tired to sit down write my blog 😦

I’ll try to catch up on everything that’s been going on since my last post…first up: I have not been running or exercising AT.ALL. double 😦 😦

I signed up for a 10k on 9/11 and there’s just no way I’m going to be able to run it…I’m toying with the idea of not going but the jury is still out at this time.


On the sewing & quilting front things are going much better…below are the pictures of what I’ve been working on…

I finished my Xmas quilt, label and all…

On the front porch in natural light:


It fits on top of my king size bed:IMG_3313

A close up of the quilting fresh from the dryer:close up after dryer

Close up of label:

back with label

I finished another quilt top – I couldn’t resist using the fabric in the August Sew Sampler box from Fat Quarter Shop. It’s Sundrops by Corey Yoder and it’s just so happy and bright! This pattern came with the Jolly Bar pack so I went with it!


I wanted the top to be a little bigger than the pattern so I chose not to use the sashing strips and instead added a 4th column using fabric from the July Sew Sampler box – Dixie from Cluck Cluck Sew. It blends beautifully.all pieced

I have the backing all put together and this one is on the list for basting today…along with the Purple Rail Fence quilt seen here. I also started and finished a Postage Stamp top…now this one is a bit modified in that I used wider strips (3.5″) which results in a bigger “postage stamp”…I’m just not into tiny pieces!

I followed the instructions from Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and within a few short days I had the scrappy top all done!! I used about 35 FQs from my stash and scrap bins so that makes me very happy. I have a few strip squares left over so I might try to incorporate them into the backing…still deciding.

Postage stamp 8.24.16

I took a break from making quilts to make a few pillow covers. I’ve had the batting squares cut for quite some time intending to follow the Quilt-as-you-go class at Craftsy from Maureen Cracknell (it happens to be on sale right now!) ((I have no affiliation)). I made one of these pillows last year and needed a few more to complete the look in my living room so I banged out two more this week:


OK, I think that’s about it for now! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen all this but I like to post here as well to save a record of my work.

Until next time…ttfn!


Quilting update

I just realized I haven’t posted anything since 7/5…whoops! I can tell you that I have not been running (surprise, surprise!) but I have been sewing!

After I finished the Quilt for Pulse quilt, I got it in the mail…and the coolest thing happened! Alissa posted a picture on Instagram the next week and I actually spotted my quilt in her living room (upper right, circled in red)!! What are the odds of that 😉


Isn’t that just the coolest picture…so much hand-made love ❤

Once that quilt was finished I was left with a bunch of HST so I started putting them up on the design wall trying to figure out which layout I liked best…and landed on this one…it sure is bright!

HST quilt

I decided to do some swirls with echo and before I knew it, it was all quilted.

HST quilted

Since there was so much color on the top I went with a black and white butterfly print for the back.

HST backing

I had a teal solid left from the fat quarters used to make the border and it became the binding. Finished measurement 40″ square. No destination for this one yet…I’ll post it to FB to see if any friends would like to buy it.

HST completed

I also worked on some BOM & QAL blocks for Sugar Block club and The Splendid Sampler

Block 42 doneblock 43 done

July done

And last but not least…I’m almost done with the T-shirt quilt!! I got DH to help me baste it yesterday and I spent last night and today getting it quilted! Whew…my shoulders are exhausted!


I know these pictures have bad lighting but the quilting actually shows up better that way – go figure! The client chose the purple backing fabric from a few online choices I provided.IMG_3242

I finished cutting & piecing the binding so all that’s left is sewing it on…that will be tomorrow night! The shade/color is a little off in this binding picture but you can see the design in the fabric much better.


That’s about all I have for now…G’night!


2 steps forward, 3 steps back

If you’ve noticed I haven’t posted this week, that’s because I haven’t run…Yup, after going 5 miles with hills last Saturday and feeling pretty smug about my pace I promptly blew off running Tues & Thurs…not smart!!

Tomorrow’s scheduled run is more hills but only 4 miles…time will tell if I actually do it 😦


On a brighter note, I have been sewing! I started piecing together my commissioned t-shirt quilt but only after fretting about how I was going to make all those varying sized t-shirt blocks line up! Thankfully, a few members of the quilting community came to my rescue – I tried to cut down some of the blocks to sizes that could be divided by 2 or 4 as Veronica (whose blog I can no longer find) suggested in response to my email message. Some had enough fabric beyond the logo to do that…others the logo was either to large or I had already cut as much as I could around the logo so the odd size would have to be worked in somehow.

On Tuesday I decided to just start sewing, I matched up the edges and if they were the same size it was great…if not I stopped about 1-2 inches from the end and left the partial seam to be matched up with another piece; I’m happy to say it appears to be working out. Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict shared some of her experiences by suggesting I use some of the rest of the t-shirt parts to fill in some of the gaps…BRILLIANT! That not only helped with some of the odd sizes but it will also give me some free space for FMQ. Sarah also shared her preference for stabilizer – June Tailor T-Shirt Fusible Interfacing – omg, let me just say that stuff has made everything easier!!

I also had a couple of small pieces that just didn’t have enough room to be sewn into a seam or were odd shaped so I ‘appliqued’ them to a bigger piece of t-shirt fabric. Below are a few shot of some of the shirts sewn together and some still waiting to be sewn…I’m about 1/4 way done.


In the picture above you can see the extra orange square I added to complete the seamIMG_3182

I’ve pinned up another section of blue t-shirt material I plan to insert when I get to that sectionIMG_3183

That odd shape is from the sleeve of one of the shirts that the client wanted included, so it’s been sewn to a larger piece of the t-shirt material.


I’ve also started another project that I’m hoping to have completed before my trip to Maryland on June 17. My niece is having a combination house-warming/birthday party and I want to give them a quilt as a present. I just love Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis fabrics and I happened to have a layer cake waiting to be used so I pulled it out and created a big granny square block. I got it all pieced together tonight


I still need to square it up and add a few borders…


Lastly, look at this lovely piece of remnant fabric I got at Hobby Lobby this week – what ever am I going to do with these golden, shimmery pineapples!!??!!


That’s about all for now…G’night


Back in April I joined an online charity challenge called “Hands2Help” which is being coordinated by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. She’s coordinated these for a few years now, the challenge is to make a quilt for one of the charities listed within the allotted time frame and get it shipped to it’s destination by the deadline – I’m sending mine to Happy Chemo. During the process Sarah shares tips & patterns and generally keeps everyone on track – there also prizes and giveaways.

This week starts the linky party where everyone shares their quilt…so…below are a series of pictures of my charity quilt – from beginning to end.


I took it outside on the front porch this morning to get some shots in natural light, unfortunately it’s quite overcast today…oh well! I purposely used neutral colors so the quilt could be given to anyone.



A quick trip

We left Thursday morning to spend a few days with our friends in Myrtle Beach. We didn’t have any specific plans for the few days we would be there but I knew I wanted to get my running in and I wanted to sew a little 😉

For the ride, I packed up my recent kick with Hexagons (since that’s quite portable) and I basted and sewed hexies together for almost the whole ride (3+ hours!).

hexies to go

DH loved it because I’m usually telling him how to drive – but not this time, I was too preoccupied with my sewing! I made a ton of progress which I’ll talk about in more detail a little further down.

Thursday is a ‘scheduled run’ day for me but I didn’t get up early enough to run before we left and once we were there it just wasn’t convenient – cue the excuses!! Bottom line, no run on Thurs.

Friday was spent mostly indoors as there were T-storms and rain. We all made plans for Saturday morning – I was going to run (4 miles), Barry was going to the gym and Mary was going to walk (3 miles)…DH was sleeping in! LOL! As planned, I got up, ate breakfast, had my coffee and hit the road. Unfortunately it was very HUMID and the temps were in the low 70’s; thankfully there were intermittent clouds and a small breeze. I held up pretty good until 3.25 miles when the heat really started wearing me down but I kept going and got my 4 miles…even though it was at a slower pace.

5.14.16 garmin

5.14.16 rd

After I cooled down and got cleaned up we all went to lunch. From there we decided to do a little house shopping – we’ve been talking about moving to MB but we haven’t found the ‘perfect’ house yet. I know, I know…there is no such thing! We’d like to live in the same community with our friends so that really limits our choices but as luck would have it they were having a ‘parade of homes’ for all those that were up for sale so we got to look through about 5 that met our basic requirements. I really liked the first house we looked at but DH is not quite sold on it…so we’ll keep looking. After a little relaxing time, we went to an early dinner because we left later that night.

I have a business trip tomorrow and I wanted all day today to get packed and prepped. I spent this morning sewing and watching tennis (International BNL D’Italia Championships). I took all the hexie flowers I made and appliqued them to the remaining 10″ squares and then added sashing…now I’m not sure if I want to add a border, but I think I will :p

Here it is with just sashing

hexi with sashing

And here’s a mock up with borders (wider on the sides than on top & bottom because I need a little more width than I do length)

hexi with border

Of course as luck would have it I already cut the backing fabric before I changed my mind about adding borders so…I may be a little short…but we’ll see 😉

That’s all I have time for tonight – I have to finish packing and get to bed early for a morning flight.

ttfn and G’night!


Fabric haul and more…

I received an email notice last month that my local quilt shop owner was retiring and she was going to try to sell her shop. If she couldn’t find a buyer she would close it down. Last week she sent a follow up message to say that although three potential buyers had expressed interest they couldn’t come to an agreement so she would start the process of closing the shop by the end of May…so sad to see this happen 😦

She sent one more email the next day to announce the sales event that would start Friday May 6th: all fabric is 25% off and if you empty the bolt you get an extra 10% off. All books are also 25% off. I couldn’t get there Friday as her hours are 10-5 and I had to work…so I went today.

I had three things in mind – fabric for Backing, fabric for Binding and Books. I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a good selection of fabric still remained and the store was not over-flowing with people. I scanned the shelves for large prints that would be good for backing and quickly loaded up my arms with bolts. I was going to get 3 yards of each and I could tell some of them would be close to emptying the bolt. Then I scanned for stripes, I’ve become quite fond of using stripes for binding. There were way too many to choose from so I grabbed two that I liked best. As I was looking through the books I found some precut yards of black & white fabric…I’m such a sucker for that so I picked up a few of those too!

Here it all is…squeeee! look at all that fabric!! 😀


How about a closer look…these six are all future backings – 3 or more yards of each one and 5 of them emptied the bolt! That blue & yellow flower print is just so happy!IMG_3142

The two stripes are for future bindings, the black & white prints are the 1 yard precuts (I got two of each!) and the book ‘Splash of Color’ is one I’ve had on my wish list for months. OMG, the quilts in this book are just ‘to die for’…I can’t wait to make a few 😀

Now I just need to figure out where I’m going to put it all!!IMG_3143


Today was also a ‘run’ day but I almost didn’t go…ugh, I was just not feeling it this morning and I almost let myself off the hook about 20 times! I bargained with myself that I could splurge a little at the fabric store only IF I went for a run…yeah, that worked!!

I planned out a 3 mile route and left around 8:45am. The first mile wasn’t too bad but I started feeling pretty fatigued by mile 2 – not sure why today was so hard. I fought through it and completed 3.1 miles (close to my time from Thurs) but I was pooped! The temp was a little warmer today, mid 60’s, but that’s not bad…I don’t know, I guess it was just ‘one of those days’. It’s done and I don’t have to run again until Tues, yay.

5.7.16 garmn5.7.16 rd

I’m off to the sewing room to putz around for a little bit…ttfn and…