Lots of projects

I not only finished the Swoon Sixteen top but I also pulled out a long forgotten project from 2017 and got that to the top stage too!!

First things first, Swoon Sixteen. I finished putting on all the sashing and borders so the next step is to make the backing and get it basted. I have no idea what I’m going to use for backing but if I can figure it out today and get the basting done, I can take it to the sewing club meeting tomorrow and quilt it while I’m there! Fingers crossed!

Once I finished the Swoon top I wanted to work on some more piecing so I looked up the APQ UFO number for November (#10) and it correlated to an old project from 2017. This was a BOTM quilt along and I honestly can’t even remember if I made all the blocks but I’ve had them stashed for far too long! And I really love the fabrics and colors I used – an old Karen Lewis bundle – so I figured now was a good time to finish this up.

The difficulty was the blocks were all different sizes… Some were 12″, 10″, 9″, 8″ and 6″… and I did not have the motivation to find the original layout suggestion so I just started winging it!! 😂 I had enough of the background fabric left to sash the smaller blocks to make them 12″… and I ended up with this

Now let’s see how long it takes me to actually baste & quilt it 😜

I’m also staying caught up with the Sewcialites2 QAL from Fat Quarter Shop. They’ve been releasing the blocks on Thurs afternoons so unless I already have plans, I jump right on it. Here is my Block 4

I just have to share this adorable picture of my great niece. Her parents surprised her with a Disney Cruise coming up in December and gave her this sweet Cinderella outfit to wear on the cruise!!!!!!!!! 😍


We’re counting down to our first international travel in 6 years and our first time back in Aruba in 10 years!!! 🥳🏝 This is a picture of our favorite snorkeling spot, Baby Beach

We leave Nov 21 and will return Dec 1, we’re so excited but I’m also nervous hoping all our plans go smoothly 🤞


That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!

Happy distractions

Our friends from Florida reached out late last week to tell us they’d found another house in our area they were very interested in seeing. They asked if I would do a video walk through on Sunday and if they were impressed they’d drive up to see it for themselves. I love walking through houses so I had no problem saying Yes!

We spent about an hour walking through the house and they really, really liked it so they drove up on Tuesday (8.5 hours) and saw the house on Wed… and made an offer to buy it!!!! 😯 After a little negotiating back and forth, their offer was accepted with a Dec 9 closing date!! Woo hoo!! Of course now comes all the hard work of selling their house in FL and packing and moving – ugh – I remember how stressful that can be! We’ll help however we can.

We went out to dinner Wed night to celebrate and as expected they had a little too much to drink (I was the designated driver!) DH also had too much! Later that evening the discussion spiraled into politics…never a good thing! Thankfully no one got out of hand but my anxiety was on high alert…which means the next day I was totally exhausted 😕 Our friends left early Thurs to go home so I basically sat on the couch all day in a fog…what a waste of a day!


I finished the last two Swoon Sixteen blocks and decided on the layout

I did finally find some useful information on YoutTube about the camera on my Pixel 6. There is a ‘temperature’ slider that can make the photo feel more warm or cool and that has helped a little with the colors, yay? Anyway, the colors above are as close as I can get to true 😉

I’ll be using sashing around each block to make the top 60″ square. I bought some Century Prints Hopscotch by Alison Glass in Smoke earlier this year and I think it will add some interest 🤞🏼

I’ve been keeping up with the Sewcialites 2 QAL from FQS and finished Block 3 yesterday… Ha, I’m still questioning the yellow background! This is going to be a very bright quilt!!!


How about some cuteness overload? My neighbor got a new puppy and of course I’ve taken every opportunity to play with Lily 😉 She’s a 14 week old Corgi and yesterday one of her ears started standing up

That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!

Getting good pictures?

I made a few more Swoon Sixteen blocks this week and they turned out really nice… my only issue is trying to capture the correct fabric colors with my phone…grrrrr! In the picture below the only correct hues are the pinks, reds and purples. The blues are all off! The block on the right is supposed to be a very true teal, not blue! The tip of the block above it is not a royal blue but a deeper darker blue…and on the top left block those diamonds are also teal. WTH??!! I know it’s my phone because as I look through the camera app on my phone before I snap the pic, the color is off 😕I guess I’ll be spending some time on Google trying to find a solution 😤

Anywho… these three blocks turned out really nice!! I’m pressing all seams open which makes these blocks lay much better 😛

I also made Block 2 in the Sewcialites2 QAL. This one had many more small pieces but for some reason I didn’t have as many issues as with the first block, maybe I’m getting used to it LOL I’m still not sold on my choice of background fabric but there’s no going back now! (oh and the teal fabrics look just fine in this picture!! I’m so confused!!)


Please get out and vote early if you can! We went this week and it was a breeze!

That’s about all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!

Heart Strings

The Heart Strings top and back are made! I switched things up a little bit on the heart blocks, initially I was going do both sides of the heart very scrappy but with the fabrics I chose I just didn’t like that look…it was too busy for my eyes. I matched up the strips so the fabrics aligned within each heart and I’m much happier!

I took this picture before I pieced them all together – no sashing. Then I went about making the back. I had several strips sets leftover once I changed the design so I put them in the back and I found a coordinating mint colored fabric in my stash to fill in the rest.

It will finish 48″ square. I plan to get this basted and quilted before I head out of town on Thursday – fingers crossed!!

I haven’t made any more Swoon Sixteen blocks yet but that will definitely be on my list when I get home.

I received all the fabrics I need for Elephant Abstractions and I’ll start on that when the Swoon quilt is done. I was going to join Devoted Quilter for her 60 day WIP challenge because I have quite a few tops that need to be finished into quilts…but… that Elephant pattern is calling to me! :-p

I got confirmation that our clubhouse is available the 2nd Monday of each month for a Sewing Club so our first meeting will be Oct 10! Squeeeeeee, I’m excited and nervous!


In other news, I FINALLY got around to hanging the lights on our screened porch yesterday – actually I hired the neighborhood handyman to do it! Ha! I turned them on last night and I love them! They are the perfect amount of light for sitting on the porch at night to enjoy the fall weather!!


Roger Federer played his last professional match Friday night and afterward it was a very emotional celebration. He was so moved by all the out-pouring of love and admiration…not a dry eye in the house!!

That’s all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!

Finishes and New projects

I’m happy to report I finished the enlarged Tall Tales quilt and it’s ready to go with me to Maryland at the end of the month. I decided to quilt an all over swirling loop design to soften all the edges of the books.

I just have to say, quilting on my new sewing cabinet with my machine dropped into table is a HUGE game changer. I have so much more quilting area and I don’t have to deal with the quilt slipping over the edge of the table as I move it around. Another bonus is my shoulders didn’t get tired from being all bunched up around my ears! The only issue I had is when I opened the drawer on the left to hold the extension I couldn’t sit exactly where I like in relation to the needle on my machine. Over the years I’ve found I like to sit just a smidge left of my needle but the arm on my chair kept hitting the drawer, so today I’ll be removing the arms on my chair and see if that helps because I’d really like to leave that extension on full-time but I’m not about to buy a new chair!!!

I no sooner finished the Tall Tales quilt when I decided I just *had to* make a Swoon Sixteen block. I was going to buy the pattern but I figured I could do it on my own watching her tutorial on YouTube. Of course it wasn’t as easy as it looked but after a few stops & starts I got it down. I now have four blocks!!

As if that wasn’t enough, I joined in the National Sew a Jelly Roll day yesterday and started the Heart Strings blocks I mentioned a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve got the pieces all cut, I’m not sure I love my fabric selection but there’s no going back! This is not a complete picture of all the blocks and I still need to sew all the corner pieces to make the hearts… my design wall is very busy right now!

As for my bucket list project – Elephant Abstractions – I received the bundle of fabric yesterday from Hancock’s of Paducah and unfortunately they were out of the background fabric Kona Curry 😦 I went online and found the next closest shade, Kona Duckling, and ordered it. I’m not going to start on this project until I get back from Maryland so there’s no rush 😉


I don’t recall if I mentioned it here but I went WAY outside my comfort zone a few weeks ago and sent a note out to all the residents of our neighborhood to see if anyone would be interested in a monthly Sewing Day at our clubhouse. I got responses from 3 ladies, two of which are new to quilting…I was not looking to start a class but it might turn out that way for the short-term. Anyway, we decided we’d meetup the second week of each month on Monday or Thursday (waiting on confirmation the clubhouse will be available) from 10a – 2p.

One of the newbies doesn’t even have a machine yet! She asked for recommendations which is like asking about your favorite child – LOL! She lives one street over from me so I invited her to come look at my two machines, Pfaff and Singer, to get some perspective. One of the other ladies said she had a Janome for sale for $450, so hopefully she’ll have a machine by our first sewing day!


That’s about all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!