Busy, busy, busy

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing and quilting…and walking!

First up, I made this table runner for our kitchen table several weeks ago and forgot to post it 😮  The fabrics are from a Tula Pink bundle I got in my Sew Sampler subscription box (can’t find which month it was!). At the same time I made this, I cut the pieces to make a matching table runner for my dining room and…


I finally got around to making it!! Every time I look at these they make me smile 😀


Next up, I was craving a quick finish project so I cracked open my Fat Quarter Baby pattern book and chose Sarah.


The top is not completely pieced in this next picture but it’s the only one I have! I had to switch out one of the blocks (second row, far right) because there wasn’t enough contrast …this is the ‘after’ picture.


Then I finally pulled out a few completed tops and cut the batting needed so I could get to the basting process. Pictured below from left to right: Sarah, More or Less top made from The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson and my scrappy version of Stoplight from Sunflower Quilts


And it was just cool enough this morning to take everything outside on the deck to get them all spray basted…notice my trusty companion standing guard, LOL!



I haven’t gotten back into running yet and I’m not 100% sure I will… but I have been taking 30 min walks almost everyday just to get outside for some exercise.

Garmin Walking July 2018

That’s about all for now…have a great rest of the weekend 😀


Getting stuff done

I finished up the Trees quilt last week and posted it for sale on Facebook…so far no takers. No worries, I’ll hang on to it for a bit and if it doesn’t sell I’ll probably donate it. I’m not trying to create a business out of making quilts, I do it because I enjoy it…if I make a few bucks at it, well that’s just icing on the cake.



I was feeling the need for a quick finish so I pulled a charm pack I got in a Sew Sampler box and used the pattern provided to make this table runner. It’s not my aesthetic but I like how it turned out. Again, I put it up for sale on Facebook.


I had some half square triangle blocks left over so I’m making a coordinated hot pad to go with the table runner…still in process.


I also started another project with some Jolly Bar precuts from a Sew Sampler box…this time I used the Jolly Bar pattern book from a different box and I’m almost done putting this baby size top together

jolly bar book

2017-12-24 08.20.16

The weather here has been really mild and today will probably be the last day in the 50’s for the next 10 days so I’ll be getting out there the start week 4 of C25K. The running portions of the intervals will now start to increase…I’m excited to see how I’ll do!

And I decided to take the leap and sign up for another Half Marathon – the Myrtle Beach Mini. This is the same race I completed for my very first Half and my running buddies have a tradition of running it every year. I’ve skipped it for the last two years but figured since I’ll be living in MB I may as well sign up. The race is in October so I have PLENTY of time to train!

The rest of today will be spent watching football and later going to a few parties in the neighborhood.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope all your dreams come true!! 😀


Christmas Tree table runner done

Spoiler Alert: Lots of gratuitous pictures to follow!

I finished up my Christmas Tree table runner this evening and I LOVE IT! I finished one earlier this month for a friend in California but it was a little different. For hers, I followed a design I saw on Pinterest which used patchwork squares for the tree and candy cane striped fabric for sashing and binding. I decided I wanted something a little different so I drew my own paper pieced design for the tree and went to work.


As I’ve done in the past, I cut quite a few pieces incorrectly for the various sections…angles always throw me, LOL! I quickly learned that I needed to determine the correct size by placing the fabric over the next section before I cut it, that helped tremendously.

I also changed up some of the colors from the other runner, DH wanted more red in the top so I used a Christmas red for the sashing and binding. I also used red thread to quilt the swirl/circles on the trees…unfortunately it doesn’t really show up all that well – I don’t think it’s the right shade of red – but it’s done now!

Lastly, I used a decorative stitch to sew the binding on the back through the front and kept the white thread in the bobbin…I think it adds a nice touch to the back.

Without further ado…here are the pictures I took:


It’s been too long

Oh my, I’ve been traveling so much lately…I added it up – over the last 43 days I’ve been gone 24 of them! Ugh, not my idea of fun 😦  Albeit, 10 of those days were for vacation but having them sandwiched in between business travel was just not a good idea.

I’m back home now and I have no plans to travel through the end of the year – aahhhh. I have lots of things I need to do right here at home:

  • Sewing/quilting
    • Finish Christmas tree table runner
    • Finish Pink Camo/Bunny crib quilt
    • Catch up with Amanda’s QAL (she’s already on block 6!!)
    • Finish Dog Gone Cute blocks/quilt
    • Start king size quilt-as-you-go for my niece
    • Finish black/white quilt
    • …and much more I can’t recall just now
  • Running
    • Get back into a regular schedule
    • Train for Half Marathon in March
  • Weight Watchers
    • Yep, I re-joined!
    • Grocery shopping – so I have better choices in the house
    • Need to drop 28 lbs

I’m sure there are many other things that should be on this list but that’s all that comes to mind at the moment. And, I’ve already checked one thing off this list!!! I finished the Christmas tree table runner last night!! It just needed to be quilted and have the binding put on but for some reason I had been procrastinating really badly :-s



I did FMQ using swirl circles on the trees, and random loops in the background. I tried to do a ‘ribbon candy’ effect on the red striped section…not sure how successful I was – lol  This table runner will be mailed off to my friend in California, just in time for her to start decorating later this month…whew!

It’s been raining A LOT here in South Carolina for the past several weeks and it’s no different today, so I’ll be spending most of the day in the sewing room…let’s see what else I can check off my list!!


I’ve got a lot of work to do…

I’ve got lots to share about finished objects and starting new projects!

First, I finally finished both blankets for the grandsons! I had sent them out to be quilted by a friend of a friend who had just gotten a new computerized program for her long arm machine. She offered me a great deal and I couldn’t pass it up! She used an all-over pattern of loops and stars…I think it’s perfect.

Grandson #1 loves Thomas the Train so I used that fabric along with white and red to make a Friendship Star pattern. I got a blue star fabric for the back and finally decided to use a multi-color stripe for the binding. All I have left to do is add a label and it will be ready for our trip up at the end of the month…yeehaw!

IMG_2787 IMG_2785


Grandson #2 hasn’t really shown a preference for anything yet so I decided to use planes and primary colors on this top with the same blue star fabric for the back and the multi-color stripe for binding. The label is the last step for this one as well.



Since I’ve been posting most of my work on FB & Instagram I’ve had several friends and relatives ask to buy items or ask me to make something for purchase…it’s extremely flattering and my list is really starting to grow!

I’ve started making a Christmas tree table runner similar to the Pumpkin table runners I’ve already made. I don’t have a pattern for it – I’m just following the picture of the completed item from Pinterest. This means I had to make a ‘test’ block to figure out dimensions and make mistakes. I figured out that the base of my first tree wasn’t wide enough and when I applique it down I need to start at the top for both sides before sewing along the bottom of the tree…otherwise there is a slight shift and the tree is crooked.

So far I have two orders for this table runner…not to mention, I’d like one for myself!

Here are the 2nd and 3rd trees I made – I just LOVE how the patchwork of fabric makes it look like the tree is ‘decorated’!! You may also notice in the background that I got an ‘official’ design wall which replaces the random batting I had 🙂


I still need to find the right fabric for strips between the trees, binding and backing. The backing is the one thing I can’t copy from Pinterest because it’s not shown 😦

Another project I’ve started is a commissioned baby blanket for a boy expected at the end of October. I’ve pieced the top together and I picked up the perfect fabric for borders last night. I plan to make the border about 6″ and will applique his name, Rece, in the border.


grrr…I turned on every light in the room and still the picture comes out dark 😦 This fabric is a beautiful soft white, tone on tone stripe

Because of the direction of the stripe I’m going to have to cut two of the borders on the bias…that scares the crap out of me…I’ll have to be very careful not to get it stretched out of shape :-s

Lastly, I was asked last week by my cousin if she could commission a crib blanket with pink camouflage on one side and bunnies on the other. She’s leaving the design/pattern completely up to me! Of course I said yes and off to the fabric store I ran! Here’s what I’ve picked up so far. My plan (at the moment) is to use the pink camo as the backing – its flannel – and to applique bunnies on the topper. I will also use some of that soft white, tone on tone stripe on this blanket, just not sure how yet.


Ok, I think that’s it for now…whew, I’ve got a lot of work to do!!

5 miles and a sewing finish

Although I haven’t been running with any regularity, my running buddies got me out yesterday for a 5 mile run. Now mind you, we’re signed up for a 10K next weekend (!) so it’s necessary to get in a bit more distance…but the most I’ve run for the last two months is 4 miles. I wasn’t sure how my legs & stamina would hold up but I was going to give it a shot.

We decided to go to Riverwalk in Rock Hill to run the path along the river – I really should’ve stopped to take a few pictures during the run but I never think of that until I’m writing about it here :-s  Anyway, we got started about 8:15 am and there was plenty of shade so it didn’t feel too awful…but I could tell the humidity was already starting to creep up.

I had my Garmin with me and just as we were getting ready to start I got the dreaded “battery low” beeps! Oh no!! Well, at least I had my phone and the C25K app (which I usually only use for interval cues) so I connected it to GPS and we were on our way. I started the Garmin too knowing full well it would die before we finished…and sure enough it stopped at 1.81 miles. I loaded the C25K for 3:2 run:walk intervals and all was well until I hit about 3.8 miles…I took an extended walk break and then picked back up to finish the rest of the distance on cue.

Overall, I did pretty well but I’m feeling a bit ‘creaky’ today – I plan to get out at least once this week before the 10K next weekend…yeah, that’s my plan 😉

8.15.15 FB c25k

I’ve also been sewing on another Pumpkin table runner and I finished that off today. Since taking the owner’s class about my new sewing machine I feel much more confident changing the settings, stitches and presser feet. I whizzed through appliqueing on the last two pumpkins and did FMQ (free-motion quilt) on the background. I joined the finished blocks together using strips and put the final touch on with the binding.

I really like this table runner too…it’s a slight variation from the first but still pretty much the same:

side by side
Side by side with the first table runner


close up
close up
The back side
The back side – the fabric is actually a darker shade than in this picture, I guess the flash was too close

Well, it’s back to the sewing room to clean up the space so we can break down the bed and get ready to put in my new cutting/crafting table – squeeee!. I finally decided to buy a couple of bookcases (from Walmart) and a table top (from IKEA) to make a DIY table…it’s supposed to look like this (found on Pinterest):


We’re going to break the bed down but it will have to stay in the room because we don’t have anywhere else to put it. I’ve decided to put the mattress and box spring up against the wall with the tall side up and use the back of it for a ‘design wall’. Ha…we’ll see if that plan works out!


Patchwork Pumpkin table runner (#1) DONE!

I finished off the table runner this evening. As I mentioned earlier, I extended the binding seam on the front so when it wrapped around the back there was more equal distribution of fabric…and I like it much better!

I decided to use Pat Sloan’s method for sewing the binding by using a blanket stitch and the ‘mirror’ button on my new machine. In the video she stitched her binding to the back and wrapped it to the front…I did the opposite. It came out just fine because I used a dark brown thread and you can’t hardly see it on the front or the back (that helps hide mistakes too!).

Here are the final pictures…sorry for so many but I’m really tickled with how this turned out!!

Full view - completed

front and back
I just love how the pumpkin and FMQ is echoed on the back!

Full back

close up of binding stitches on front…you can’t really see them…
you can probably see them a little better on the back

The really cool thing is I no sooner posted finished pictures to Facebook & Instagram and I got an order to make one for my friend in California! And another friend called to tell me how great it looks and said she’s going to go buy fabric so I can make her one.  I’m extremely flattered!!!

I played around with some other fabrics this evening and made another pumpkin, this time using a single fabric instead of patchwork…I think this may become another table runner, for no one in particular…yet  😀


That’s all for now…G’night!

Plugging away

Each night I’ve been working on the pumpkin table runner and I’m almost done. Last night I sewed the binding to the front and turned it to the back intending to stitch in the ditch on the front to secure it. But…I don’t like how much binding shows on the front versus the back.

I cut my strips 2 1/4″ and used 1/4″ seam to sew it to the front which leaves about 3/4″ on the back. I really wanted a little more binding to show on front so I’m going to go back over it tonight and add about 1/8″ stitching to the front and then hopefully when I turn it, it will be a little more even on the back & front.

Here’s a shot from last night before I went to bed:


And here’s a close up of the first pumpkin. I used my new Pfaff to do all the stitching and FMQ…wow, the FMQ was so much better on my new machine! Of course I need to get better at moving the fabric at the right pace without jerking…that should come with time 😉 And can I just say how great it is to have speed control when doing applique…#gamechanger!

Close up almost done

I’m really happy with the overall project and I learned a lot too, like:

  • Get all my fabrics together BEFORE starting the project. There were many stops & starts because I didn’t have enough of something…grrr!
  • I used the needle-turn method for the pumpkin, stem & leaf and wow, what a little starch will do to help get that fold! I really like that no raw edges are showing and they won’t unravel over the years with use.
  • Stitch the lines on the pumpkins BEFORE appliqueing the edges to prevent puckering at the bottom.
  • Write down all stitches used and the sizes so when I stop & start I don’t use the wrong stitch/size (I had to rip & re-do the applique zigzag on the first pumpkin because it was the wrong size).
  • I can replicate a finished item without a pattern…albeit with plenty of mistakes and lessons learned!

I’ll post more pics tonight after I finish…ttfn…

Odds and ends

I was trolling YouTube earlier today looking through various tutorials for inspiration when I came across this video for “No waste flying geese“. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this particular method before but it really looks easy and it’s adaptable to whatever size geese you need.


I posted last week that I made a quilt for my fur baby – Sammi – and I finally was able to snap a picture of her sleeping on it. She really hates getting her picture taken so I tried to snap it while she was sleeping but she has a sixth sense whenever I pull out the camera and she woke up. I got the picture before she could get up!


Sammie on blanket


I started my next project over the weekend – I’m attempting to make this Patchwork Pumpkin table runner I found on Pinterest without the pattern. It’s not that I don’t want to buy the pattern, it’s more that it’s a challenge to see if I can do it just by looking at the finished product…ha, we’ll see how this turns out!

I’ve almost finished prepping the first pumpkin but I don’t have the right brown fabric for the stem, that’s the first hiccup. Second hiccup is that I don’t have enough background fabric! I always do this…grrr…start a project without having all the fabric. One day I’ll learn my lesson :-/

I guess I’ll be making a trip back to the fabric store…oh my…

One almost done

That’s about all for now…G’night!


Border crazy and free stuff

I finished piecing the Granny Square top last night and found some old skirt hangers to hang it up so I could get a better look (not sure why I didn’t try this sooner!). Once I stepped back and took a few photos, it was painfully clear it needs another border. I’m not sure if I’ll do a plain black border or maybe introduce a pop of color…what do you think?

top completed1
The lighting is pretty bad in this shot but take my word for it, the colors are black, gray and white :-s

I mentioned in a previous post that I had won a $50 gift card for the FatQuarterShop.com and after several days of browsing I finally placed my order this morning. I got two large spools of Aurifil Thread (I’ve read so many great things about it and now I’ll get to try it…sqweeeee!). And from a seasonal point of view, I stumbled across an adorable Patchwork Pumpkin table runner on Pinterest so I just had to get some fabric to make it. I’m so excited…can’t wait for that shipment to arrive!

Thanks again to Late Night Quilter!


Have a great day…ttfn