Sewing & quilting…no running

I’ve been working on some sewing projects over the last week.

First up is a new table topper I made to represent summer…I love the little quilted clouds!! I had a bit of help from the ‘footprints in the sand’ fabric and the stripey binding reminds me of a beach umbrella so I’d say mission accomplished!


Next up is a WIP I’ve had basted for probably 4 months now! Ugh…I started quilting on it last week and today I finally finished it – whoop whoop!  Here is it laying on the deck in full sunlight…


This is a shot showing the back…before I put the binding on.


It measures 74×84 and to give a size comparison, here it is laying on our king size bed. It’s in the wash now getting all crinkly good…it’ll be ready for the first cool day of fall – ha – hopefully many months from now!!



I have not run – AT ALL –  since returning from my business trip a week ago Friday 😦  It’s been unbearably hot here and although there are other options I could’ve checked into for running indoors…I simply did not do it. The temps are not supposed to get any better in the next 10 days so…I’m going to need to figure something out! Come July, I need to start training in earnest for the Half Marathon in Myrtle Beach in October…and I’m not even sure I could go 3 miles right now.

Happy Sunday! ttfn…

Just a tad late…

I’m still in a little bit of a sewing/quilting funk. This commissioned quilt project I’m working on using random clothes has really got me all wigged out! The clothes they gave me are SO.BRIGHT!

Here are the ‘bricks’ I’ve already cut and stabilized. I sent the customer this suggested layout to get her reaction and she likes it!! So I guess I won’t be adding in any blender fabrics!! I may still play with the placement to see if I can somehow make it a bit more cohesive but this is all I have to work with!!


If you want to offer any ideas or suggestions – I’m wide open to it 😀

I needed a break and I also needed a new table topper for fall so I pulled out my seasonal fabrics and put this little puppy together in one evening – it measures 14 inches square. I quilted curved lines on the pumpkin but the thread matches so well you can hardly see it. I may go back over it with black…or maybe not!


I’ve made no progress on the Redskin quilt other than deciding on the design I want to use…I’ve still got it on my ‘to-do’ list so there’s hope!

That’s all for now…I plan to pick up where I left off with this glass 😉




Cotton + Steel finish

I finished quilting and binding my Cotton + Steel quilt and got outside to get some pictures.

I purchased a FQ bundle of random C+S prints a few months back when Craftsy had an incredible sale and decided to pull 12 of them to make this quilt. After getting it all pieced it looked pretty busy so I chose organic wavy lines for the quilting. I’m really pleased with the final outcome 🙂


I mentioned in a previous post that a neighbor was going to be hosting an artisan party in December and I finally got some specifics



Of course I wanted to have a few more throw size quilts so I’ve started yet another project. I need backing fabric for my Halloween quilt and I found the perfect candy corn print at Connecting Threads – while browsing their sale items I came across a FQ bundle called Acorn Park and scooped it up – the colors are absolutely saturated and gorgeous! The order arrived on Saturday and by Sunday evening I had this top finished (free pattern from called Fat Eighth Frenzy)


And finally I had an old work friend reach out to me about a quilt I made earlier this year and posted on FB – he asked if I could make another one for him to give as a Christmas present. He said he had no idea if there was even enough time but wanted to ask. He was referring to this table topper I made back in May


I explained this was not a quilt rather a table topper and although I could scale this up to a throw size, I doubted I could get it done in time for a Christmas gift. He asked if I could make another one the same size and I said Yes…so he ordered one! I hope to have it done this weekend because I have to travel for work almost all next week which will put a serious cramp in my sewing & quilting time 😦

I’ll post more pics as I finish…ttfn…