2nd verse same as the first

Ugh, I just cannot get myself into my sewing room to finish that memorial quilt – argh! It’s so frustrating! I’ve had ample opportunity but have chosen to do almost anything else 😦  Over the past week I’ve only managed to sew together 4 rows…pitiful! I keep telling myself I’m going to ‘get in there today and finish putting it together’…but I don’t.

I’ll stop whining now…I’m just hoping by writing this out here in the blog-i-verse it will spur me into action 😉

I’ve been doing my morning routine faithfully every day which includes Meditation, Affirmations, Morning Pages, Exercise and Reading. I spend about 10-15 minutes on each one and I do feel better overall. I’m still reading/listening to The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins – I could listen to her talk all day!

Yesterday was my 32nd Wedding Anniversary…WOW, I just can’t believe it’s been 32 years!!! We spent the day putzing and then went out for a nice dinner at Del Frisco’s in Charlotte, it was delicious as always! We came home and watched the 7th game between the Astros & Yankees game…so happy the Astros won ❤  On to the World Series!

Unfortunately I won’t get much sewing done this coming week as I’m headed to Columbus, OH for a business meeting Mon-Thur.

Since I always like to post a picture, here’s the only social media post I put up these week…my Sammie girl sound asleep! Ah, I would love to zonk out like this!

sammie asleep

ttfn…have a great week!

Getting my act together

A couple of things I’ve been working on lately

  1. I started on the commissioned quilt Dog Gone Cute

The client sent me pictures of her three dogs so I could make fabric choices to represent each one. First up is her chocolate mix, this is probably the easiest because it’s the least number of fabrics involved. I’m making 2 sets for each dog – one with ears up and one with ears down. Here are the first two with ears up:


Today I’ll work on ‘ears down’ for this dog. These blocks finish pretty big at 12×18 so I’ll only need a total of 12 to complete this project.

2. Cookbook QAL

I completed Cookbook Blocks 5 & 6 this week; I know that dark fabric looks black but it’s actually navy.

Block 5 is called True North


Block 6 is called Open Sesame…oy, those curves really challenged me!


3. Since I completed my C25K run yesterday, no updates on that today.

4. I’m still using my Bullet Journal and still loving it! If you haven’t heard about Bullet Journaling or haven’t started yet you can check out these resources:

BulletJournal.com from the creator Ryder Carroll himself

BohoBerry.com Kara Benz has fully embraced Bullet Journaling and offers many hints, tips and techniques – she’s also quite creative which provides inspiration.

I’ve gotten so much done in these last 6 weeks  – granted they’re not big, life-changing things but they’re the things I’ve been ‘saying’ I wanted to do for a long time; and now they’re getting done! There’s something magical (for me) about actually writing it down on paper and being able to check it off when it’s done. The Bullet Journal provides a place for me keep everything together – in the past I would write something down but then not look at it again or worse, not be able to find it when I wanted to; no more!

Here’s a look at my spread for next week…now I need to fill it all in with tasks!


5. As part of my new, more organized self I want to start reading more books. They can be of any genre but I’m starting with self-help. I’ve already knocked out two books:

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert has been popping up in quite a few blogs I follow so I had to check it out. I blasted through this book in 5 days; she has a very easy, conversational writing style that I found enjoyable. The book didn’t really have any ground-breaking thoughts but was full of those ideas you know and often forget.


This is my second time reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I had forgotten so many great ideas and practices from this book…argh! There are a few areas I really need to work on so I’ll be getting serious about following this.


Ok, I think that’s enough! ttfn…