HM Week 5, Day 2

So, you may notice that I didn’t post anything for Week 5, Day 1…well…that’s cuz I didn’t run earlier this week. No specific reason – I just didn’t feel like it.

It’s ok to skip a run now & then…or, I should say it’s ok for me! As long as I get right back to the plan then no harm is done. That’s what I did today… I picked up where I should be and completed 3 miles today. And wouldn’t you know it, I felt better running today and my average pace improved a little too! Win/Win!

The weather was much more desirable today too…upper 50’s, lots of sunshine…who wouldn’t want to run!!

I still haven’t customized my running stride on my Vivofit2…I keep forgetting about it until I’m ready to go for a run, ugh. Oh well, maybe I’ll fix it this weekend, in the mean time I’ll just use the C25K app as my guide.

I’m quite encouraged that my last run segment was faster than my first…what???

1.14.16 rd


1.14.16 vivofit

ttfn and…G’night.

Week 4, Day 2

Staying on track with the Half Marathon training plan and today calls for 4 miles. I almost didn’t get my run in today because I waited for the temps to rise a little and then my well planned day got turned upside down.

I had a small window of opportunity at 2:30 and I took it! I figured even if I had to cut the run short it would be better than skipping it all together – but luckily I got it all done.

By the time I left it was about 50 degrees with sunshine and a little bit of wind. I wore a short sleeve tech shirt with a thin sweatshirt over it – wow, by mile two I was ripping that sweatshirt off! I set the app for 5 reps of 8 min run/2 min walk which would get me exactly 4 miles if I kept an average pace of 12:30. I completed the first two run segments but after that I converted to 3 min run, 2 min walk, 3 min run. I was still able to keep my average pace so all is good!

Once again my Vivofit2 overstated my mileage and pace…hmmm, not sure what’s going on, it was calculating pretty accurately last week. I’ll have to Google it and see if anyone else has had issues.

1.7.16 vivofit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.7.16 rd


Half Marathon training begins

I’ve been following the Zero to 10K program to kick-start my half marathon training and I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve been able to maintain my average pace for the last few weeks. Now it’s time to jump off that program onto the Half training program.

I’m using a ‘beginners’ plan and if I count backwards from the Half Marathon date of March 5th (Dasani Half in Myrtle Beach), I’m at week 3. Since I ran on Friday, I saved the Saturday run for today. Beginners Half Marathon Training

The weather this morning was a little chilly – it was 39 when I left the house at 10am but thankfully it warmed up to upper 40’s while I was out. I layered up accordingly, started out wearing gloves but had to peel those off around mile 2. Since I haven’t been running anything longer than 3ish miles I haven’t been using any of my GU, but that changed today. I had forgotten how good the Salted Caramel flavor is, it was worth the longer distance!! And it gave me just the kick I needed to finish the last mile.

I programmed my app for 7 reps of 8 min running, 2 min walking which would carry me through 5 miles…and I did pretty good for the first 4 reps. After that I alternated 3 min run, 2 min walk, 3 min run until I hit 5 miles.

The only concern I had today was with my technology…there was a difference in calculation between the c25k app and my Vivofit2. Before I left the house, I mapped out my route using the MayMyRun website so I had an idea where I would finish 5 miles but the Vivofit2 hit that mark earlier than the app…weird, not sure what’s up with that. I kept running until the C25K app hit 5 miles.


1.3.16 garmin


1.3.16 rd


I didn’t do any sewing today…after lunch I planted my butt on the couch and watched football for the rest of the day. I have the HST Sampler quilt all ready for some FMQ, I guess I’ll work on that tomorrow 🙂


My new longest distance

This past weekend was the longest run of my training program before the Half Marathon…12 miles! With just 11 days left before the race I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be 🙂

For the 12 mile run we decided to drive a few miles to the next town where we could take a route with fewer hills; I think that helped quite a bit! Since the route we chose was only 6 miles out & back we had to run it twice…that added a new layer of difficulty.

The weather was perfect for our run, upper 50’s with sunshine. We started out around 8am and pretty quickly there was separation because we each have a different pace – I was bringing up the rear 🙂  I set the c25k app for run/walk intervals of 10min/2min as this is the interval I want to run in the HM. The first few miles went by pretty fast and when I reached the halfway mark I realized the route we chose was not exactly 3 miles up and 3 miles back, in fact it was about a .7 miles short which meant I would cover less than 11 miles instead of the 12 miles planned. I started thinking how I would add in that extra mileage. By  mile 10 I was feeling like I wanted to stop but I pressed on, when I passed our starting point @ 10.5 I saw the other ladies were already finished and I toyed with the idea of stopping but my OCD kicked in and wouldn’t let me.

I kept going until I hit 11.5 and then headed back to where the ladies were waiting. Yay! I was so excited that I finished the 12 miles but I was beat…when I reached the ladies they had already recovered from their run since I was about 20 minutes behind them. It was then I found out that they had in fact stopped at 10.5 miles – what? They were congratulating me for finishing but I couldn’t get over the fact that they had stopped short of our goal…if they had told me that when I passed them I would’ve stopped too. Ultimately I’m glad they didn’t, it’s nice to know that I can cover that distance which makes 13.1 feel quite attainable.

Our starting point just happened to be the parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts, I’m sure you can guess what we did after I recovered…yep, a big ol glazed donut and a vanilla chai coffee…YUM!


10.4.14 pace

Training continues

This week the training runs continue to get longer…today was 9 miles! But first let me share with you the run from Wednesday.

Sept 3: Planned workout 40 minutes alternating 7 min run/1 min walk

The weather just won’t let up, it was hot and humid again so it was back to Anytime Fitness for a treadmill workout. I decided to plug into the TV on the treadmill and watch a little HGTV to pass the time which helped distract me from thinking about running. I set the run intervals at 4.8 and the walk intervals at 4.0. Based on an article I read last month, I’m not really pushing the speed too much as I’m trying to build endurance. I think it’s working because I didn’t feel worn out at the end of the workout.

9.3.14 mmr

Sept 6: Planned workout 9 miles alternating 5 min run/1 walk

Today’s weather was a little bit better than it had been all week. When we started it was 70 degrees and humid but it was also overcast so we didn’t have to deal with the sun. I made sure I ate enough before the run as I’m sure that was my problem two weeks ago when I ran 8 miles. We met at the shopping center at the bridge and had decided to run an out & back route. I had mapped it last night and decided I was going to put a fresh bottle of water at the halfway point which I did on my way to meet up this morning.  I felt really good through 3.5 miles when I took an extended walk break to eat a few shot bloks and then fell back into the 5/1 rhythm.

I picked up my fresh water bottle but it was not actually at the halfway mark; when I mapped it out I didn’t know that we would be starting our run over the bridge and back. At that point I quickly realized that I was going to finish 9 miles a good distance from my car – ugh. I took several more extended walk breaks and stopped once to stretch my glutes and again to tighten my laces. The sun decided to make an appearance around 7.5 miles and then it got really hot. In the final mile I had to walk quite a bit because I started getting chills – I have never experienced that before. I wasn’t sure what my body was trying to tell me so I just walked until they went away. I knew that I was properly hydrated because I had drank almost two 16.9 oz bottles of water; I’ll have to search the internet to see if there is an explanation for it.

As expected, by the time I finished 9 miles I was just over a mile from the car so I had a nice long cool down walk, LOL! Other than the chills and a nice blister on the second toe of my left foot I think the 9 miles was quite a success. After each ‘new’ long distance my confidence is getting a boost – oh, one other accomplishment today, within the first mile of the run we faced a HUGE hill which I usually avoid at all costs. Today I ran about 3/4 up that hill before walking – woohoo!!!


9.6.14 pace


Holiday Runs

Even though it’s a holiday weekend I still completed my training runs…yay!

August 30: Planned workout 5 miles alternating 5 min run/1 min walk

Unfortunately the hot, humid weather didn’t take a holiday…ugh! I met up with two running buddies and we went to the path that runs along the Catawba River; at least it was mostly shaded at 8am. The humidity was thick and I could literally see it hoovering above the water. I paced myself pretty well trying to stay between 12:30-13:00 min/mile except for the couple extra walk breaks in miles 4 & 5. I forgot to start my Garmin right at the beginning so I had to run an extra .2 to hit 5 miles – it’s the OCD in me!!


8.30.14 pace


September 1: Planned workout 35 minutes alternating 6 min run/1 min walk

The humidity just won’t seem to let go of us and I  couldn’t muster the mental fortitude to run outside this morning so I went to Anytime Fitness. This weather is one of the main reasons I have the membership! After a 5 min warm up, I set the treadmill at 4.8 and started the workout; I slowed to 4.0 during the walk segments.  When I had completed 35 mins I was close to 3 miles that I kept going – again, the OCD in me!!

9.1.14 mmr

Is this getting easier?

August 28:  Planned workout 35 min alternating 6 min run/1 min walk.

It’s another lovely weather day with temps in the low 60’s – what a treat to be able to run and not get overheated! I decided today I would try to keep my pace right around 13:00 min/mi to work on endurance and I wanted to actually cover 3 miles. I knew this meant I would run a little over 35 minutes. The first run interval I was almost right on target 12:47 however the rest of the intervals all came in right around 12:00 min/mi. I was deliberately trying to slow down but it just wasn’t working  :-s

As planned, I ran a few minutes longer to hit 3 miles and I still felt pretty good when I stopped. This is encouraging after the hard fought 8 miles last weekend…luckily this weekend’s workout only calls for 5 miles…ha! Did I just say ‘only 5 miles‘ ??!!!!


8.28.14 pace

8.28.14 c25k

Groundhog day?

Today’s run was a repeat of Monday’s – 36 min alternating 5 min run, 1 min walk.  Unfortunately, today’s weather was a repeat of Monday as well…72 degrees, 100% humidity…geesh!

I donned my Garmin, set the RunDouble app on my phone for the interval cues, started my music and I was off.  I mapped a little bit different route today so I would have a few more hills…cuz I need to get better at hills!  Today luck was on my side because both times on the same hill I hit a 1 min walk segment…whew!  It didn’t get me all the way to the top but I got enough of a break that I could keep on going.

I had one issue at the beginning, I forgot to start my Garmin on the first run interval so I started it on the first walk interval.  Because of this I’m using the RunDouble stats in this post as it reflects the entire run.  With the additional hills and an extra walk break in segment 3, my average pace was still below 12 min/mi!  Wow… I really feel like I’m making good progress.    🙂

8.6.14 rundouble

The weekend forecast shows a drop in temps (high 75) and a drop in humidity…I sure hope they’re right!!

Hello again Humidity

I feel like a broken record going on and on about the humidity but other than the short break we got over the weekend, it’s just been brutal this year!  I went out this morning for the prescribed 36 minute run and I could feel how difficult it was trying to breath…of course I knew the humidity was up but Garmin says it was 100% again, ugh!

The plan today: alternate 5 min run and 1 min walk x 6 = 36 minutes.  I had gotten used to the 4/2 split and wasn’t sure if 1 min was going to be enough to catch my breath before starting to run again.  I was OK until the 5th and 6th segment (mile 3), about half way through on each one I had to walk for about 30 seconds.  Even with the extra walk breaks I still clocked a faster overall pace than any of the previous workouts!!  Woohoo!  Take that, humidity!!


8.4.14 pace elevation

Making progress

We had more great weather yesterday morning for the 6 mile run prescribed by the HM training program.  I met up with one of my running buddies, K, because L was not feeling well.  We decided to run through my neighborhood so I mapped out a 6 mile out and back route.  We met up at 8am and were on the road shortly thereafter – I didn’t forget my Garmin today!  The program called for the same running pattern as last week, run 4 mins/walk 2 mins.

I’m not sure if it was the cooler weather or the route or that I may be building up some endurance but I felt really good through the majority of the run.  On the last two run intervals I had to dig a little deeper to complete them but my average pace stayed in the 12 range so I’m really happy – AND the fact that my overall pace was 12:32 is a huge improvement!  Woohoo!

I really like this run/walk training program, it’s giving me the confidence to keep going through the workout.  I used to run for as long as I could until I got tired and then I would alternate run/walk but that mentality was not improving my over all time…hmmm, there must be something to this!!


8.2.14 pace elevation

Next week the program changes to 5/1 intervals…wish me luck!