T-shirt quilt is DONE!

I think this is the fastest I’ve ever completed a t-shirt quilt (that is, once I got started!). I started deconstructing the shirts on Dec 12 and I put the final stitches in the binding last night! This quilt was commissioned by one of my old running buddies and her birthday is today…I wanted so badly to get this to her by today but alas I missed šŸ˜¦ I’ll put it in the mail tomorrow and she’ll have it by mid-week.

I went outside this morning to grab a few shots…it was windy and the sun was streaking through the trees :-p

I used the same fabric for backing and binding – her favorite color is blue!


I’ve been thinking about what I want to do for 2020 goals, I’m going to make a list of all my UFO’s so I can keep track of what I finish this year. I have a box just for finished tops and there are some really pretty ones I want to finish, not to mention the ones I basted last week (Meadowland, Granny Cabin & Rainbow Improv). I’ve tried the APQ UFO challenge before but that uses a random number to determine what gets worked on and I’d rather use my gut to decide what I work on.

I’ve also decided I’m going to take on the challenge to #dosomethingquiltyeveryday. This was an IG challenge started by another quilting friend last year and I think it will help me stay on track with my 2020 goal. It can be as little as 15 minutes but it will keep me accountable to doing something every day and post a pic on IG to ‘prove’ it!


I actually went to WW to weigh in yesterday and thankfully I maintained from the last time two weeks ago! Whew! I got there as soon as the doors opened to beat the “January” rush but I didn’t stay for the meeting/workshop. I’ve been doing really good staying within points and not eating ‘junk’ so I’m planning to see a loss next week!


That’s all for now…have a great rest of the weekend šŸ™‚

A little good news

We had Sammie’s 2 week follow up appointment with the oncology vet this past week and we got a little good news – her lymph nodes have shrunk a little, Yay! The Dr was very pleased by this and said it normally takes a little longer to see results so she’s encouraged that Sammie will continue to respond well to the treatment, Yay again! She’ll continue with the chemo & steroid meds and we’ll go back in 30 days for another checkup.

I snapped this picture of her the other day – she hates to have her picture taken but while I was getting ready to let her clean my oatmeal bowl she sat there so pretty I had to grab my phone and snap a pic before the moment passed

That little tongue sticking out just kills me ā¤


I’ve made considerable progress on the commission tshirt quilt – the top is almost done! I have two vertical seams left to sew.

I reached out to Kitty to get her ideas for backing and then went online to find some options. I sent her six possibilities and she chose this one, which I’ll also use for binding:

I’ve been itching to start something new but I really, really, really need to finish up a few other projects. I have everything ready for basting on three other quilts (Rainbow Improv, Meadowland & Granny Cabin) so I’m planning to spray-baste them the same time I do this commission quilt.


In WW news, I was down .4 yesterday…I only need .8 more to hit the 10# mark! I can do this!!

That’s about all for now…enjoy the rest of your weekend šŸ™‚

Starting again

I’m slowly getting back into my sewing room and this past week I finally pulled out the tshirts for the commission quilt I need to make. This quilt is for one of my running buddies in Lake Wylie. We’ve run together many times and as I went through her shirts I reminisced about all those races.

Once I saw all the colors and laid them out on my design wall, I messaged her to get an idea of what kind of layout she preferred and as is the case with most of my commissions, she didn’t really know! I sent her a few example pictures and she liked the ‘random, puzzle’ style…so that’s what she’ll get!

Here are all the shirts pinned to my wall, this isn’t the final layout but you can see what I have to work with – lots of color! Yay!

I just realized her birthday is coming up on Jan 5th…if I can buckle down and work on this a little every day I could certainly have it done by then! Oh please let my mojo kick in!!!


I skipped the WW weigh in yesterday. I could tell by weighing on my own scale that I hadn’t lost any weight & they were having a big open house – I just didn’t feel like messing with a crowd.


I took Sammie for a picture with Santa yesterday…as usual, she hates getting her picture taken so the expression they captured is kind of perfect!!

That’s about all for now…I’m off to my sewing room to work on that tshirt quilt!

Have a great rest of your weekend šŸ™‚

Holiday and other stuff

We had a nice Thanksgiving holiday, we went to the same local restaurant as last year – Carolina Roadhouse here in Myrtle Beach. For $21.95 they serve a plated traditional Thanksgiving dinner (not a buffet) and just like last year it was awesome! However, as we were waiting to be served we decided we’d probably cook at home next year. We’ve eaten out a few years now and we kind of miss the whole cooking at home thing and all the leftovers that come with it!


No sewing going on here the past week, as you might imagine I’ve been in a bit of a funk with Sammie’s diagnosis and treatment plan. The chemo pills will be here Monday and I’m horribly apprehensive about giving them to her…I feel like I’ll be feeding her poison! Ugh!! but I know I’ve got to get over that, give the treatment a shot and hope her little body will be able to handle it.

I’ve got a commission t-shirt quilt waiting to be started and thankfully it’s for a friend who understands what’s going on right now so she’s not pressuring me. I’ve also got several tops waiting to be basted, quilted and bound…and each day I think about working on them but then I don’t šŸ˜¦


I went to WW on Saturday and I’m down the same 1.8 I’ve been gaining & losing for about 3 months now…SMH! I switched to Green last weekend and I’m doing a pretty good job tracking everything so let’s hope this loss gives me some momentum to keep losing!


Last but not least, we officially closed on our Lake Wylie home this past Monday. I think I was holding my breath all day until they finally wired the money around 3:30pm. What a tremendous weight off my shoulders…I was so worried things were going to fall through at the last minute (we had that happen with our home in MD 14 years ago!) – but it’s all done now!!

That’s all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!

Progress and a setback

I finished a couple of tops this week – first up: the tshirt quilt top…yay! This puppy measures 70×74 šŸ˜®


Not the best picture but it’s finally all pieced. In my last post I shared that I ordered the backing fabric and when it arrived I realized I’d made a measuring mistake – AACK!! Because the tone on tone text is directional I needed more fabric to piece the back so the text wouldn’t be going in various directions…smh!! I put in a new order and it should be here early in the week, needless to say I did not get any basting done, ugh!

Instead I focused on getting my Feb scrapattack2018 top completed. You may recall I was putting together blocks for aĀ Stoplight quilt…and because its scrappy I found it all just a bit too busy for my liking. I played with some layout ideas and finally landed on adding a sashing row in between and a border. I think this gives the blocks a little room to breath šŸ™‚Ā  The top measures 63×73


I’m going to wait to finish this quilt for the Hands2Help challenge put on by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. I also have a few other completed tops that I can pull out and finish up for the challenge…we’ll see.

The next big monster to tackle is the wedding dress quilt {{{cue screams of horror!}}}.

I mentioned this project back in January – one of my neighbors has asked me to carve up her wedding dress to make two quilts for her two daughters. The thought of cutting up her wedding dress has just got me paralyzed…what if I can’t make it work? what if she hates the quilts? what if, what if, what if!??? I really can’t procrastinate on this any longer – I need to pull on my big girl panties and JUST DO IT!

So…stay tuned for an update next week…until then have a wonderful rest of your weekend!




Little wins

I got a few things accomplished this week on the sewing front, first up is my new table topper for March. I wanted something that said “St Paddy’s Day” without being too obvious…I’m really happy with this.


I’ve made considerable progress on the tshirt quilt (well, it feels that way to me!). I just need to sew on the two side panels and piece the top row. This project feels like it’s taken forever but I’ve really only been working on it for 2 months…in between other distractions (ehem…starting new projects).


I really need to do something about my ‘design wall’. I need to be able to pin these heavier pieces and right now there’s nothing to pin in to :-sĀ  Since we’ll be moving soon (fingers crossed it will be in April) I don’t want to put anything up now…but the plan for the new sewing room is to use insulation squares under flannel sheets. I can’t wait!!!


This week I took a leap and filed our taxes online using Turbo Tax. I do everything else online so I’m not sure why it took me so long to do this! It was super simple once I had all my documents collected and although it was not free (because I chose to e-file both Fed & State) it was still less than half of what I’d been paying locally to have them prepared…so win/win!!


No new pictures of the house but DH did make a trip down last week to have a ‘meeting’ with the builder. He vented all of his frustrations about how long this build is taking and feels like he made his point…so let’s hope we have a finished house in March.


Still no running for me but I can tell my ankle is starting to feel better. If it keeps improving I’ll restart the C25K program in a few weeks. We’re having a very early spring here in SC – the trees have started to bud and some maples are even sprouting leaves. I sure hope we don’t get a cold spell, no clue what that will do to the trees and plants šŸ˜¦


That’s all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!!



A better week

Let’s start with the best first…my great niece turned 3 months old last week…OMG, she is just too cute for words šŸ˜€



I did a bit better this week from a sewing perspective…

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d made two big pillowcases from some ‘what was I thinking?‘ fabric to use as a receptacle for scraps too small for me to work with. I finally filled up both and I’ve sewn them shut, they measure 22×34. I contacted a local dog shelter last week and they said they would love to have them! Yay, I’ll be dropping them off this week.


I made quite a bit of progress on my February scrapattack2018 project called Stoplight. So much progress that I’ve finished all the blocks I need for a throw size quilt (approx 54×60)…YAY!!!

And here they all are laid out on my bedroom floor…sorry for the fuzzy picture, I didn’t have my glasses on so it looked good to me at the time!


I made some minor progress on the t-shirt quilt but when I took a picture of my design wall it really didn’t look much different than last time šŸ˜¦



We’re finally starting to see some progress on the house in Myrtle Beach…here are some shots our friends sent us on Friday:

All tile floors are installed, this is the kitchen


Cabinets have FINALLY arrived


Showers are being tiled


We’re still pretty frustrated that it’s not done…but progress is good šŸ™‚

ttfn ā¤