Back to the Plan

This weekend the South got a little bad weather in the form of freezing rain, sleet and snow. Our area got about 3 inches which basically shut everything down for a day or so until the temps recovered enough to melt most of it.

Of course this ruined plans for my 8 mile long run on Saturday and although the temps were in the upper 40s on Sunday a lot of my neighborhood streets were still a bit dicey – yes, I could’ve gone to Anytime Fitness and hopped on the treadmill but the thought of doing 8 miles made my stomach turn – long story short: no long run.

The plan this week calls for two, 4 mile runs and 9 miles this weekend; so I got out there today and I did a little extra – 5 miles!! And it didn’t hurt that temps were in the upper 50s – woohoo! I put on a tank top with a long sleeve shirt and wore my long pants. I started out with a jacket over all of that and was fine until 3 miles; then the jacket came off until I was finished.

I decided to change my intervals a little – I had been programming intervals as 8 min run, 2 min walk but most of the time I break up the 8 mins into 3 min run, 2 min walk, 3 min run so I just reprogrammed the whole run as 3 min run, 2 min walk. I was interested to see what this would do to my overall pace and time…I was pleasantly surprised!

Oh, and I finally got around to customizing my VivoFit2 for my running steps and it looks like it’s much more accurate now! Yay!

1.26.16 vivofit2

1.26.16 rd

Most of the run segments I was able to keep below 11:30 pace and even some in the 10’s…I did take an extended walk break in segment 10 but it doesn’t seem to have hurt my overall pace. Hmmm, I think I may try 3 min run, 1.5 min walk next time and see what happens.


I did use the time this weekend to work on some sewing projects, I’ll post pictures of all that tomorrow…

ttfn…G’night 😀



Staying on track

So… they’re predicting doom & gloom for our weather over the next couple of days and I knew my only opportunity to run outside would be this afternoon. My training plan called for 4 miles but I really wasn’t feeling it – at.all.

I reasoned with myself that I should at least try to get in a couple of miles that way I wouldn’t feel so bad about being stuck indoors for the next few days. I finally changed clothes and got outside around 3:30. The temp was in the low 40’s but there was plenty of sunshine.

Once I got started, I knew I would do the whole 4 miles – why would I stop when I was already out there (oh, the mind games we play!) I had set my app to repeat the running intervals from Tuesday and when I got to 3.8 miles I wanted to beat my time so I picked up the pace and ran the final 2 min walk segment.

Woohoo…I beat my treadmill time – WOW!

C25K app

1.21.16 rd

Although I still haven’t customized my running stride, my Vivofit actually ‘understated’ my distance this time…ok – this is getting weird.


1.21.16 vivofit2

Either way it was a great run and I’m uber happy that I did it…now Mother Nature can bring on the ice & snow – well actually, I’d be happier if she didn’t but she’s not asking my opinion!!


HM Week 5, Day 2

So, you may notice that I didn’t post anything for Week 5, Day 1…well…that’s cuz I didn’t run earlier this week. No specific reason – I just didn’t feel like it.

It’s ok to skip a run now & then…or, I should say it’s ok for me! As long as I get right back to the plan then no harm is done. That’s what I did today… I picked up where I should be and completed 3 miles today. And wouldn’t you know it, I felt better running today and my average pace improved a little too! Win/Win!

The weather was much more desirable today too…upper 50’s, lots of sunshine…who wouldn’t want to run!!

I still haven’t customized my running stride on my Vivofit2…I keep forgetting about it until I’m ready to go for a run, ugh. Oh well, maybe I’ll fix it this weekend, in the mean time I’ll just use the C25K app as my guide.

I’m quite encouraged that my last run segment was faster than my first…what???

1.14.16 rd


1.14.16 vivofit

ttfn and…G’night.

Long run

As I continue with the Half Marathon training my weekend runs will get longer and longer. Today was 6 miles and as luck would have it my running buddies (who are training for a full Marathon) had 6 on their plan today too! I was so excited because we haven’t run together in months and I’ve really missed it.

Unfortunately, one of the girls has come down with a pretty nasty head cold so she didn’t run today but I picked up Laura this morning and we went to a local park to run the 1 mile lap, six times. The weather was pretty dreary, mid 40’s and overcast. The air was so moist it felt like it was raining even though it wasn’t. We did our warm up walk on one of the shorter paths and then we were off.

I set my app for 8 repetitions of 8 min run/2 min walk and started my Vivofit right on time. After the first two run segments I changed to 3 min run/2 min walk/3 min run and continued that until the end. I had my Salted Caramel Gu at 45 mins which gave me a little lift but that last mile was still pretty hard.

My overall pace dropped a little which is unfortunate but hopefully I can get back on track during the week.

1.9.16 rd1.9.16 vivofit

The distance is off again between the two devices but I think I’ve figured out what I need to do. There’s a User setting on the Vivofit2 that will allow me to customize the step length for walking or running. The step count is fine when walking so I’ll have to follow the directions and customize it for running – hopefully that will fix it.

1.9.16 setting

After lunch I took a short nap and I’ve been pretty much reclined on the couch watching football for the rest of the day/night. I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow…ttfn and G’night 😀

Week 4, Day 2

Staying on track with the Half Marathon training plan and today calls for 4 miles. I almost didn’t get my run in today because I waited for the temps to rise a little and then my well planned day got turned upside down.

I had a small window of opportunity at 2:30 and I took it! I figured even if I had to cut the run short it would be better than skipping it all together – but luckily I got it all done.

By the time I left it was about 50 degrees with sunshine and a little bit of wind. I wore a short sleeve tech shirt with a thin sweatshirt over it – wow, by mile two I was ripping that sweatshirt off! I set the app for 5 reps of 8 min run/2 min walk which would get me exactly 4 miles if I kept an average pace of 12:30. I completed the first two run segments but after that I converted to 3 min run, 2 min walk, 3 min run. I was still able to keep my average pace so all is good!

Once again my Vivofit2 overstated my mileage and pace…hmmm, not sure what’s going on, it was calculating pretty accurately last week. I’ll have to Google it and see if anyone else has had issues.

1.7.16 vivofit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.7.16 rd


Treadmill day

For all the complaining I did about running in humidity, I just couldn’t make myself run outside today in the 35 degree (real feel 24) weather. So after lunch, off I went to Anytime Fitness to get my 3 miles done.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve used my membership and the same amount of time since I’ve run on a treadmill. I’d forgotten how hard it is to keep my mind occupied! I had my music and the app cues to run or walk but otherwise all I had was the view out the window to keep me from getting bored. About halfway through I started counting cars!! LOL

All in all it wasn’t that bad and I kept my average pace the same as if I was running outside.

The numbers are a little off between the two because I forgot to start my Vivofit until a minute into the workout…


1.5.16 vivofit2

C25K app

1.5.16 rd


I did some stippling quilting last night on the HST Sampler QAL quilt…I have some straight lines to do tonight and that part will be done. All that’s left then is binding…woot woot

1.4.16 quilting

Half Marathon training begins

I’ve been following the Zero to 10K program to kick-start my half marathon training and I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve been able to maintain my average pace for the last few weeks. Now it’s time to jump off that program onto the Half training program.

I’m using a ‘beginners’ plan and if I count backwards from the Half Marathon date of March 5th (Dasani Half in Myrtle Beach), I’m at week 3. Since I ran on Friday, I saved the Saturday run for today. Beginners Half Marathon Training

The weather this morning was a little chilly – it was 39 when I left the house at 10am but thankfully it warmed up to upper 40’s while I was out. I layered up accordingly, started out wearing gloves but had to peel those off around mile 2. Since I haven’t been running anything longer than 3ish miles I haven’t been using any of my GU, but that changed today. I had forgotten how good the Salted Caramel flavor is, it was worth the longer distance!! And it gave me just the kick I needed to finish the last mile.

I programmed my app for 7 reps of 8 min running, 2 min walking which would carry me through 5 miles…and I did pretty good for the first 4 reps. After that I alternated 3 min run, 2 min walk, 3 min run until I hit 5 miles.

The only concern I had today was with my technology…there was a difference in calculation between the c25k app and my Vivofit2. Before I left the house, I mapped out my route using the MayMyRun website so I had an idea where I would finish 5 miles but the Vivofit2 hit that mark earlier than the app…weird, not sure what’s up with that. I kept running until the C25K app hit 5 miles.


1.3.16 garmin


1.3.16 rd


I didn’t do any sewing today…after lunch I planted my butt on the couch and watched football for the rest of the day. I have the HST Sampler quilt all ready for some FMQ, I guess I’ll work on that tomorrow 🙂



I’ve been doing pretty good keeping with the Zero to 10K program in the RunDouble app…today was Week 6 Day 2. I’ve been running Tues/Thur/Sat but it rained all day yesterday and I just didn’t have it in me to run in the rain so I waited until this morning.

Temps were in the low 50’s and the sun was shining, my idea of perfect running weather! I had a few thoughts of not going until later today but I got dressed and just got started anyway!

Based on the stats from my app and my Vivofit I improved a little over the run on Tues…woot, woot gotta love that!

There’s a little bit of difference between the two stats but it’s only a matter of a few seconds so…whatever!


12.18.15 c25k


12.18.15 run

I guess I should start looking for a 10K do to in January when I finished this program…don’t wanna waste my momentum. Once I finish this, I’ll start ramping up training for the Half Marathon in March.


Week 6, Day 1 – new gadget

This is my birthday week so I asked for (translated: bought myself) a new tech gadget to help with my overall fitness.

I joined Weight Watchers at the beginning of November and I’ve lost a few pounds but it’s been v-e-r-y slow, so I figured I needed to move more. I checked out the plethora (ha! never get to use that word!) of fitness bands and based on a few key features I decided on the Garmin Vivofit 2.

  1. I like that it’s not a rechargeable battery – it takes a watch battery that runs until it dies and then you replace it. Yay, one less thing to remember to plug in at night.
  2. Weight Watchers connects to Garmin Connect and automatically updates my activity. Yay, one less thing I have to do manually.

This little band has really opened my eyes to just how much I’ve been sitting – wow! It makes a chime and shows a red bar when you haven’t moved in 1 hour and keeps chiming every 15 mins until you do. I wore it for the first whole day on Monday and it chimed at me 3 times before lunch! Each time I would get out of my chair, march in place for about 3 minutes, which made it happy and then it reset.

This band will also monitor how restful your sleep is based on movement which means I had to wear it to bed (by the way, this thing is meant to be worn 24/7 – shower and all!). I had a hard time the first night because I’m not used to wearing anything when I sleep – nope, nothing! Here’s what last nights’ sleep graph looks like:

sleep 12.14.15

You put the band in SLEEP mode when you get in bed; the pink bars show awake time, the blue are light sleep and the dark is restful sleep. I think I have some issues – LOL! I’ll wait until I get a little more data built up before drawing any conclusions 😉

Today was my first run with this band – it was easy enough to start and stop the work out and was pretty accurate when compared to the C25K app on my phone. The only downside is it doesn’t record Splits, just average pace and total time – not sure how I feel about that yet 😦


run 12.15.15


c25k 12.15.15

That’s about all for now…gonna go watch Jordan Smith win The Voice!