Cold weather running

Well, not actually out in the cold…

My church has started a Saturday running group at 8am and since it’s January I made sure to check the weather on Friday night; they were forecasting 22 degrees at 8am – Yikes! I’m a BIG sissy when it comes to running in the cold so there was no way I was running outside in those temps; however I was bound and determined to get my run in early. I decided I would meet up with the group and then head off to Anytime Fitness. This served me well because I was already dressed and out the door – no excuses to ‘wait until later’.

At the meeting, most runners felt the same way I did – only opting to wait until later in the day to do their run…but not K. She’s hardcore and wasn’t going to let the temps stop her from running outside – she tried to talk me into it but I was clearly not dressed to run outside and I had no desire to anyway. We needed to put in 6 miles to help prepare for the Hot Chocolate 15K in Atlanta at the end of the month so she hit the streets and I hit the treadmill.

I don’t mind running on the treadmill most of the time but I’ve learned anything over 3 or 4 miles gets really boring and brutal. After 3 miles I told myself that I would stop at 4 – then I thought about K running outside and decided I would push on until 5 miles. Once I hit 5, I reasoned that I only had one more mile to go so I finished it. I was mentally exhausted when it was over and I was rethinking the whole running outside in the cold thing ūüėČ

As tough as it was, I’m so glad I completed the planned distance – I know I would’ve regretted it later if I had stopped early.

1.10.15 mmr

Beautiful morning

Ahhhh, the weather here has taken a surprising turn for the better. ¬†This morning was a cool 65 degrees with only 70% humidity – it was such a treat to run today!! ¬†The HM training plan called for 30 mins alternating 4 run/2 walk. ¬†I programmed my RunDouble app so I would have cues to change at each interval and after I started I realized I had forgotten to put on my Garmin! ¬†I guess since I’ve run at the gym the last few times I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing it…grrr. ¬†Today I have to totally rely on the app for my performance which isn’t a bad thing – I’m just used to having the Garmin too ūüė¶

The other missing component is not knowing what my pace is at the turn of the wrist, so I just ran at a comfortable pace and monitored my breathing to determine if I was pushing to fast. ¬†I’m quite happy with my pace on each run interval staying in the 10-11 min/mi range…woohoo! ¬†I made a mistake when programming the app and I actually went one more run interval than was called for – and it was faster than most of the other intervals…another woohoo!


The next run day is Saturday – another 6 miles – it’s supposed to be just as cool but may also bring some rain. ¬†Regardless, I’m looking forward to running without feeling like I have a car sitting on my chest!


A break in the weather

Wow, what a beautiful morning today…64 degrees, 68% humidity…a girl could get used to this!!!

I had planned to do speed work yesterday but it just did not happen and I wasn’t ‘in the mood’ for it today either so I decided I would do some hill work again. ¬†I picked a route that was a 1 mile loop and ran it three times. ¬†There were a few small hills and one pretty steep hill that I wasn’t sure if I could repeat three times but I decided I’d give it a go.

The first time through didn’t feel too bad but I definitely had to walk after that steep hill. ¬†I followed the same plan as last time, I could walk when needed just not on the hills. ¬†When I picked up running again I tried to ‘hurry’ a little to keep my average down and it appears to have worked…on the first lap.

The second lap was a little slower since I took more walk breaks and by the final lap it was all I could do to get to the top of the hill without stopping – whew! I’m glad that’s over! LOL

I’m happy to see my overall pace was under 13 min/mile…that’s good considering the steep hill and all the walking!!


7.17.14 pace

Better weather

The temperature today was much more conducive to running – sunny, low 60’s with a slight breeze – dare I say “perfect”!¬† I decided to get out a little earlier than usual and I switched up my route to give me a little different scenery.¬† The¬†run today was 5 miles so I programmed my app for 1 mile intervals with planned walk breaks of .1 mile.

After the 5 minute warm up walk, I started the run.¬† The program calls for today to be a long, slow run so I wasn’t worried about my time so much, I just wanted to try to run each interval as much as possible.¬† Miles 1 & 2 worked out very well, I felt strong and only slowed for one walk break aside from the planned walks.¬† Mile 3 however is a different story – since this was a new route I wasn’t completely familiar with the elevation and just after I started mile 3 there was a very large hill.¬† My run quickly turned to a shuffle and then to a walk (note to self: when running this route again go the opposite direction!)¬† Mile 4 was a little stronger but I had to take a few more walk breaks.¬† At the end of mile 4 I had actually covered 4.4 with the planned walk breaks so mile 5 really only consisted of .6 of the mile.


I’m pretty darn pleased with the first two miles and with my overall pace.¬† If I can carry this to next weekend I may just reach my goal of finishing the 10K in¬†1:20 or less!!

It’s getting hot

The weather here has warmed up and I think old man winter has finally packed up and left – woohoo!¬† That said, I now have to remember that it’s not easy to run when it’s 80 degrees!¬† The run today called for 4 miles and I planned to do it right after work, not really thinking about what the temps were going to be.¬† Regardless, I followed my plan and laced up after work and hit the neighborhood streets.¬† Once I was outside, it dawned on me that the temperature was going to be a factor¬†– the saving grace, there was no humidity ūüôā

I set my C25K app for 1 mile intervals with no planned walk breaks and I was off.¬† I wanted to see what my time was at each interval instead of just recording the overall pace.¬† My first mile felt pretty easy, my rhythm was good and I wasn’t feeling tired.¬† The second mile I did slow down¬†for two walk breaks and I could feel my legs were starting to get a little tired.¬† Mile 3 & 4 were pretty rough, this is where the temperatures got to me.¬† I wasn’t overheated but the heat was zapping all my energy, I ran for as long as I could but in the last two miles I took a lot of walk breaks – I lost count.

Looking at my statistics, I think it captures how I felt during the run very well.¬† My next run is Saturday¬†– 5 miles – and the¬†temps are supposed to be a little cooler with highs around 70 so we’ll see how I do then.


In case you noticed…

I’m not sure what exactly my problem is but I have not completed a run¬†since Jan 21…that’s 10 days!¬† It’s been bitterly cold here in the south and we got snow/ice last week; I think I’ve used that as an excuse to keep myself in the house hibernating…I feel like such a slug!


As if that’s not bad enough, I have three straight weeks of business travel in front of me and I’m notoriously bad about running while traveling.¬† I fear that I’m not going to be able to complete the 10K with my Run for God group in April and that makes me sad.¬† One bright spot is that my broken toe is doing better, it’s still a tiny bit swollen and I notice some discomfort if I try to wear shoes that are a little tight in the toe box, but I can’t use that as my excuse for not running.

I reviewed the R4G program last night and I can get back on track if I start today…so if the weather won’t cooperate, I’m going to the gym to put in the prescribed 4 miles today.¬† I may have to walk a good part of it but, dang it, I’m going to do it.



So a few days ago the Daily Topic suggestion was to describe your perfect Sunday and today has turned out to be a perfect Sunday and it’s not too far off from¬†what I described.¬† The weather¬†is beautiful today, 72 and sunshine.¬† We had some friends stop by with their new baby and we chatted for a while then we all went out to lunch at our favorite mexican restaurant.¬† Then we came home and took our dog for a long walk to soak up the sunshine.¬† We ran into a neighbor walking her dog and chatted with her the rest of the way.¬† Now we’re back home and we’ll probably grill out for dinner and then relax in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.¬†

What a beautiful Sunday¬† ūüôā¬†¬†¬†¬† ttfn