What was I so worried about?

All that worry and procrastination for no good reason…I’ve been putting off W5D3 because of the ‘long’ run and I got out there this morning and did it without any real problems…CRAZY, I know!!

I was up at 5am as expected to take my friend to the airport and the whole time I was secretly worrying about doing the run this morning.  When I got home I stalled a little bit having another cup of coffee but then I told myself to just get out the door and if I couldn’t do the whole 20 min run that it would be OK, I just couldn’t live with regretting one more day of not running.

I started with the 5 min warmup and then began running when ‘she’ instructed.  I had already mapped out my route so I had an idea where the halfway mark would be, I also have the app set to give me updates every 5 mins so that helped me gauge how far along I was as well.  When ‘she’ announced I was halfway I was pretty surprised because I didn’t feel tired and I had expected that I was going to run out of gas quickly because I hadn’t run in over a week.  I got a little surge of adrenaline from that and continued on knowing now that I should have no problem finishing the whole run.  At about the 19 min mark I started feeling tired but nothing that would keep me from finishing – this is the first time that I felt I could continue running when ‘she’ announced it was time for the cool down – WOW!

So back to my opening statement “All that worry and procrastination for no good reason”!!  That should teach me a lesson!

And not a bad pace either...under 12:00,  which is really good for me!!
And not a bad pace either…under 12:00,
which is really good for me!!



Week 5…again…

I overslept this morning so I didn’t do my workout early like I’ve been doing for the last several weeks.  I was thinking about skipping it all together today until I read a comment from northwoodsmamma on yesterday’s post and it inspired me to get out there and run this evening.

I was lucky because we had a rare cool day for August – 75 degrees and overcast with a breeze…it was lovely!  I did the Week 5 Day 1 workout again only this time I changed the setting to Distance instead of Timed.  That means that I would run 1/2 mile, walk 1/4 mile; repeat three times.  Unfortunately the GPS on my phone stopped working sometime during the first running segment so after I had been running for quite a while and the ‘lady’ hadn’t told me to slow to a brisk walk, I pulled out my phone to see that I had been running for 7 1/2 minutes!  Grrr!  So from that point forward I had to time the segments myself, I walked for 2 1/2 mins, ran for 5 minutes two more times and then completed the cool down.  The frustrating part is I felt really good during all the run segments but I have no way to determine my pace…Grrrr again!  I guess the important part is that I finished and I felt good.

8.6.13 c25k