I’m a winner!

I almost forgot to post about this!! I received notification over the weekend that I was randomly selected in a prize drawing for a $50 gift certificate to the FatQuarterShop.com!! WooHoo!! I’m so excited to go shopping and honestly I’ve already been out to the website several times salivating over what I might purchase – it’s SO HARD to decide!!

How did I enter? I was supporting one of the quilting bloggers I follow Late Night Quilter and the 2015 New Quilt Blog Hop she posted about. I followed the instructions (which were very simple) and voila’…I’m a winner!!

I’ll probably wait a few days to use my gift certificate just to be sure I don’t make any ‘rash’ decisions…lol!


I’ve been working on a few blocks this week…first up, I finished piecing the second Granny Square block in black, white & gray and I’m still in love:

2nd Granny Square done

I’ve got a total of 6 FQs that I can cut up for these blocks so I guess this will be my next finished top. Here’s the 3rd block laid out, I need more white squares to finish it but you get the idea:

3rd Granny Square idea

Thanks so much to Amanda of 3and3quarters for turning me on to this block!

I also pulled some FQs to complete the patchwork challenge with Tinkerbellknits – July is Old Maid’s Puzzle. I was a little nervous about cutting triangles and sewing on the bias…I’ve been known to  s  t  r  e  t  c  h  my fabric! I was really, really careful this time and I think it turned pretty well:

July - Old Maids Puzzle2

That’s all for now…G’night