Moved to DPNs

I was getting frustrated at working two socks at a time…it just seemed to be moving soooo sloooowly.  So I decided to move one sock to DPNs and now I feel like I’m getting somewhere.  Once I finish this one I’ll knit up the mate and then move back to the pink ones.

5 thoughts on “Moved to DPNs

    1. This is my first pair of socks and I found this really cool tutorial on YouTube that is pretty easy. She’s doing two at a time which was very easy to start but it just wasn’t knitting up fast enough for me so I moved one sock off to DPNs…good luck!


  1. I prefer DPNs, but so many people like the two at a time, who am I to judge. It’s all very individual. Glad to hear that you are feeling accomplished though, it is a good feeling.


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