Works in progress

I haven’t started any new quilting projects lately which is odd for me. I usually get a serious case of ‘start-itis’ when I’m nearing the end of a quilt but that feeling has not surfaced. Last week I missed posting about finishing another quilt for my friend whose mother had stopped quilting but had several completed tops that needed to be basted & quilted.

This top was a nine patch cross (not sure that’s the official name but that’s what I’ve come up with!). Most of the fabrics have a vintage feel to me so I used the fabric she had sent along that was intended to be used for the back of the double wedding ring quilt but it was just short of the yardage needed. It’s a cream on cream print and it was the perfect host for the row of blocks I removed from the length of the top.

I used a loopy meander for quilting and if you look in the bottom left corner you’ll see I quilted a heart in one of the squares. I ‘borrowed’ this idea from Sarah of Confessions of Fabric Addict – she once shared she likes to hide a heart in the quilting and I thought that was such a great idea that I’ve been doing it ever since 😉


One of the other big things that happened was my girlfriend Mary and I visited the Downton Abbey exhibit in Atlanta. We left on Sunday and came back on Tuesday, it was a short trip but we thoroughly enjoyed being on our own without our other halves, LOL! The exhibit was such a sweet walk down memory lane with all the characters, and the rooms they had setup made us feel like we were actually on set! I took some pictures but these are just a fraction of the exhibit it they really do not do it justice. It took us two hours to walk through and honestly I could’ve spent more time just reading all the details and exploring the rooms more. I would highly recommend this if you are near the Atlanta area.


Yesterday I pulled out the top for the September Color Blocks qal “Gather Ye Rosebuds” and decided to get it basted. I already had the backing fabric purchased, I just needed to piece it together. I got that done and laid it all across my ironing board to start basting… but then I stopped and there it still sits.

Oh, one other thing I ‘made’ was a t-shirt for Sammie. She’s got a spot on her side that she wants to keep scratching and I needed to cover it up. I tried using a male doggie diaper but it kept moving and the spot was exposed…so I pulled out one of my old t-shirts and altered it to fit her LOL! It’s not great but it is definitely serving the purpose. I’ve since shortened the sleeves because she kept tripping over them. Poor baby! She hates wearing shirts but this one is necessary, hopefully it’s short lived.

That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!

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