This post will be a little short because we’re leaving for the beach in an hour and I still have to get cleaned up!

Since I’ve got a few weeks before my Half training starts I decided to borrow some training ideas from The Blog Runner and add a little ‘hill’ work to my runs.  Now just to be up front & honest, I hate hills…well maybe hate is a little too strong but I certainly don’t love them!  I decided my run today would be all about hills, I changed my route just to make sure I would hit more hills and some pretty ugly ones that I usually avoid at all costs.  My goal today was to run all the hills, I could walk any other time I needed but not the hills.  And to my utter shock and surprise – I did it!!!  My overall pace wasn’t too shabby either – wow!!


7.10.14 pace

My next run will be a long, slow day just to get some distance but I plan to add speed workouts next week…we’ll see how that goes!!


2 thoughts on “Hills!!??!!

  1. Awesome hill running, Sharon! Hope you enjoyed your day at the beach. 🙂
    p.s. thanks for the mention. 🙂


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