Making progress

We had more great weather yesterday morning for the 6 mile run prescribed by the HM training program.  I met up with one of my running buddies, K, because L was not feeling well.  We decided to run through my neighborhood so I mapped out a 6 mile out and back route.  We met up at 8am and were on the road shortly thereafter – I didn’t forget my Garmin today!  The program called for the same running pattern as last week, run 4 mins/walk 2 mins.

I’m not sure if it was the cooler weather or the route or that I may be building up some endurance but I felt really good through the majority of the run.  On the last two run intervals I had to dig a little deeper to complete them but my average pace stayed in the 12 range so I’m really happy – AND the fact that my overall pace was 12:32 is a huge improvement!  Woohoo!

I really like this run/walk training program, it’s giving me the confidence to keep going through the workout.  I used to run for as long as I could until I got tired and then I would alternate run/walk but that mentality was not improving my over all time…hmmm, there must be something to this!!


8.2.14 pace elevation

Next week the program changes to 5/1 intervals…wish me luck!


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