Good week/bad week?

This last week was not as productive as I planned so there isn’t a whole lot to share today…but here’s what I’ve got:

1. Running

I did not get all my workouts in this week – I was planning to run C25K W7D2 on Thursday afternoon but my ‘day job’ got in the way and I couldn’t get off the phone. Since I knew I was running the Charlotte 4 miler on Saturday I did not try to make up that run on Friday.

Speaking of the Charlotte 4 miler, I had a really good run! I was 3 minutes faster than a few weeks ago when I ran 4 miles on Super Bowl morning, so…Yay!


2. Quilting

I made some progress on the Doggie commission quilt, again not as much as I wanted 😦  I made the ‘ears down version’ of the second dog…not exactly sure what breed he is and I didn’t match him exactly but hey, it’s a quilt – not a portrait! lol


I plan to make the ‘ears up’ version today as well as catch up on the QAL’s I’m following (The Honey Pot Bee & Cookbook).

I’ll also be planning and preparing for QuiltCon next week (squeeee!), my first ever quilting convention! I don’t have a lot of planned activities or classes so I’ll just be taking it all in and figuring it out as I go. Since I’m driving to Savannah, I’ll be taking my sewing machine with me and a few quilt tops that have been patiently waiting to be quilted. I figure I’ll have ample time each night to work on them – at least I’m hoping that’s how it goes!

3. Bullet Journal

I’m still using my Bullet Journal daily and I’m still getting things done – yay! I’ve decided to change up my weekly layout – I’ve been using a combined weekly/daily format but I find that it just doesn’t give me enough room to write. Some days I have a lot to write and others not so much, as such I’m going to try separating them and see how it goes. My Daily spread will look a lot like Kara Benz’s until I figure out if I like doing it that way.


We’ll see how this works out but next week might not be a fair gauge as I’ll be traveling and for me, all structure goes out the window when I travel :-p

That’s all for me right now, what goals & priorities are you working on…and how’s it going?


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