Charleston and more

I knew I was going to have a short week sewing wise because we were going to Charleston for a Corvette show. Hubby has attended “Vettes Doin Charleston” for 8 of the 10 years they’ve been doing it so we just had to go this year for the 10th anniversary.

First up, here’s the sewing I got done this week:

I finished the quilting on my friends quilt and she picked it up before we went out of town. She’s going to finish it using some of the left over black strips from making the top. I really like how this turned out and it will be a perfect gift for her grandson graduating college next month.


I finally got around to making the other bonus block in The Honey Pot Bee, it’s called Sew Royal. It was really simple to make and it’s so cute!


And here’s a group shot of all my blocks so far…I just love using Blueberry Park for this SAL, can’t wait to put it all together at the end of the year!hpb

And lastly, I pulled out the tub of t-shirts for a new commissioned memory quilt for a little girl turning 10 in September and started de-construction. This is an in-progress shot I took and sent to her Mother to let her know I started, I’ve got all the shirts cut up and have started adding stabilizer to some…


Here’s the prototype from Pinterest we agreed upon for the layout


We packed up both cars Wednesday night and headed to Charleston on Thursday – yes we had to take 2 cars because there is just no packing space in a convertible! Luckily it’s only a 3 hours drive so it wasn’t bad at all, and I had to drop my fur baby off with friends so having two cars was convenient.

I’m embarrassed to admit I was extremely bad at taking pictures this weekend!! I don’t know what happened, I usually have my phone out all the time but not this time – eek! I did take a few pictures Thursday and Friday but seriously, I didn’t take one single photo of the car show, smh!

Here we are with the Charleston bridge in the background


And here’s a selfie I took later at happy hourselfie

And I snapped this classic picture Friday night at the pre-show dinner with the hosting club.


But after that – nothing, nadda, no pictures! The good news is Hubby won Best in Class with his 2016 Z06 and he also won People’s Choice in his class!! Here’s a picture of his car I took last summer…


The only other update is they finally started working on clearing our lot in Myrtle Beach – our friends who live in the same community sent me this picture on Friday. Whoop, whoop – they should be starting the house any time now…



No running at all this week, but I did register 12,167 steps walking around at the car show yesterday!


That’s about all from here…what’s going on in your world?


4 thoughts on “Charleston and more

  1. I like your blocks and I love T-shirt quilts, I actually keep a Pinterest board with T-shirt quilt ideas! Terry the Quilting Husband’s sisters sent us a box of trimmed down old T-shirt from NY (where we grew up) and we plan to make another T-shirt quilt someday 🙂 Congrats on your hubby winning best in class!

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