Update on Sammie

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of information…we drove down to Charleston last week and met with the oncologist. She seemed to think Sammie’s lymphoma was not too far progressed and would respond well to treatment however she couldn’t tell us exactly what kind of treatment to recommend without another cytology test – a “flow cytology” to be exact. So they took another sample from her lymph nodes and also took a blood & urine sample to make sure all her other vital organs were ok.

They shipped the cytology off to Colorado for the special test and we should know the results before Thanksgiving. At that point they’ll recommend treatment options. She said it could be administered either by IV or oral but we won’t know which one would be most effective until we get the results. More waiting…

This first visit and the tests they’re conducting cost us $758… wow, I can’t even imagine what the treatments will cost 😮 Of course it doesn’t matter how much it costs because we’re going to do everything we can to help her get better – as long as it doesn’t affect her quality of life.


I haven’t been in much of a mood for sewing, I think it’s a combination of things: Sammie’s diagnosis, change of seasons, closing on our other house, holidays…etc. That’s a lot for me to process right now and sewing has taken a back seat.

We’re supposed to close on our other house Monday…like tomorrow! I should feel some relief after that’s done!!

I did actually get my Granny Cabin top all pieced together last week…it was a struggle but once I got half way done I just had to finish. This will live in my ‘to be quilted’ pile for a while until I figure out what I want to do for backing and quilting.


I went to WW yesterday and I was up .2 – that’s really not that bad considering my nervous eating was running wild last week but I decided to switch from Purple to Green anyway. I have a real issue with portion control and with all the zero points items on Purple I was over doing it. I also saw a post on FB with this great summary of ‘How to Choose’ a plan and Green sounds more like me:

That’s all for now, have a great rest of your weekend and…

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