A day late…

I totally forgot to post yesterday 😮  Not much going on, but here are the highlights:

Last week I celebrated 40 years of working for the same company! WOW, do I feel old!! The company has been bought & sold a few times and I’ve survived each one. I’m hoping to ‘retire’ in a few years and work part-time at my LQS – that would be a dream come true!!


I put the final stitches in the commissioned memory quilt top – now I’m waiting on the client to decide on backing fabric.


So…while I’m waiting on her, I decided to start a scrappy postage stamp quilt. I’m pulling my scraps out by color bin and making as many 5×5 blocks as I can. Here are the 7 blocks I made from my Red bin. I’m following Sarah’s tutorial using 2.5 strips, it sure does make it easier!!


Next up is my Pink bin…for some reason I have a ton of pink scraps so I’m sure I’ll get way more than seven blocks.

Lastly, I re-joined Weight Watchers, WW as they like to be called now. I’ve got about 23 pounds that needs to come off and the only success I’ve had in the past was with WW…I just need to get my head refocused and stop all the junk food snacking I’ve been doing!


4 thoughts on “A day late…

  1. Forty years service in one company is a big milestone 🙂 I hope quilt making is a helpful distraction from snacking as you start out with WW.

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    1. Thank you Allison! 🙂 Making quilts is a wonderful distraction that keeps from snacking …I just need to build a new routine around bedtime that doesn’t include snacks!! 😉


  2. Congrats – 40 years is unbelievable ! Your red postage blocks look great. Good luck with the WW reboot — I followed the program in 2017 & 2018 — so far this year I’m doing great with not putting the weight back on — I too like to snack that’s not going to change!

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    1. Hi Karla, Thanks!! 40 years feels like an eternity, LOL I’m really excited about the postage stamp blocks…hopefully I won’t need sunglasses after I make the pink ones! I followed the program about 10 years ago and had success then I thought I could do it on my own and, well you can figure the rest out! I’m trying to make better snacking choices or at least control my portions of them 😉


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