Another finish!

I finished my scrappy Cross/Plus quilt early last week! The quilting doesn’t really show up well in either of these pictures 🫤 I did an all over meander inside the gray border, an organic wavy line in the gray border and I did lower case ‘L’ loops in the piano key border. When I got to the corners I did a heart ❤ I really love how this turned out!! I offered it for sale on my FB page and if there are no takers I might send it off to a charity later this year.

This quilt was also my #6 for Feb APQ UFO Challenge and I got it done just before the month ended – Yay!

Of course I had to start another project, right? Each year I participate in Sarah’s Hands2Help charity event and before it gets started she offers up some quick quilt patterns that can be used for the event. I have been wanting to make an irish chain type quilt and she just so happened to post a tutorial for a ‘modern irish chain’ and I love it!! I also love the color way she used so I found a FQ bundle of orange fabric online and jumped on it. Here are some progress shots:

The March APQ UFO number is 11 which is my Weight Loss quilt. The key was to chart workouts and weight loss over a 6 month period… I didn’t get very far so I’m going to look at what I’ve got and try to put a quilt top together. We’ll see where this goes!

That’s about all for this week… have a great rest of your weekend!

3 thoughts on “Another finish!

  1. Hi – I just saw your post on Conf of a Fabric Addict and didn’t recognize your site – I wiggled my way here via Instagram. Love reading your recent posts and looking at your work. Anyway, nice to meet you!!

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    1. Hi Bernie, it’s so nice to meet you! I see you’re doing the SAHRR…I almost joined the fun but I had too many projects going at that time. I’m definitely enjoying seeing everyone else’s tops.


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