Week 4, Day 2

Staying on track with the Half Marathon training plan and today calls for 4 miles. I almost didn’t get my run in today because I waited for the temps to rise a little and then my well planned day got turned upside down.

I had a small window of opportunity at 2:30 and I took it! I figured even if I had to cut the run short it would be better than skipping it all together – but luckily I got it all done.

By the time I left it was about 50 degrees with sunshine and a little bit of wind. I wore a short sleeve tech shirt with a thin sweatshirt over it – wow, by mile two I was ripping that sweatshirt off! I set the app for 5 reps of 8 min run/2 min walk which would get me exactly 4 miles if I kept an average pace of 12:30. I completed the first two run segments but after that I converted to 3 min run, 2 min walk, 3 min run. I was still able to keep my average pace so all is good!

Once again my Vivofit2 overstated my mileage and pace…hmmm, not sure what’s going on, it was calculating pretty accurately last week. I’ll have to Google it and see if anyone else has had issues.

1.7.16 vivofit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.7.16 rd


4 thoughts on “Week 4, Day 2

  1. Great job!! What app is it you use to set the run/walk ratios? I see you use the C25K, but what is recording your splits in yards? Or is that how you have your vivofit programmed? I’m so app crazy. 🙂


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