Catching up

I was traveling the last two weekends and missed putting up a post. Not much sewing happened during that time but let’s catch up.

I’ve completed all my blocks for the #grannycabinsewalong with Then Came June. I worked a little ahead because I knew I’d be traveling. Here are all the blocks up on my design wall…ooo I love it!!

I also started on a commissioned project for Christmas Placemats. This is a free paper-pieced pattern but I could not get the pieces to print out at the proper size so I had to draw them myself – eeek!!! Because of that I needed to sew a few ‘tests’ to make sure I got it right so I used scraps from the Christmas fabric bin. The top placemat is a mirror image of the pattern – ‘doh! Didn’t even think about that. In the second placemat I got the angle wrong on the thinner tree and on the outer trees (sheesh!) I’ve made adjustments for that so now it’s time to cut into the fabric the customer sent me…wish me luck!!!

Linking up with Oh Scrap!


I skipped my WW meeting for the last two weeks and honestly I’ve been a bit lax on watching what I’ve been eating so it was no surprise I was up 1.4 when I weighed in yesterday. It’s ok…really, it could’ve been much worse! I’m back on the eating plan today and I’m confident I’ll lose that and more.


Update on our other house: it’s officially on the market as of Friday!! If you know anyone moving to the greater Charlotte, NC area please share this with them. It’s a beautiful home and we were very happy there for 13 years.


And just for some ‘awwww’ factor, here are a few pics of my adorable great niece Campbell at her 2nd birthday party. She shared it with her cousin who turned two in Sept.

That’s all for now…enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

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